Only Flash Gordon Can Save Us In Iraq

He may have saved everyone of us and stand for every one of us, but can Flash Gordon survive a new incarnation that attempts to make his adventures on the unfortunately-named planet of Mongo into a political allegory for the Iraq war? That's just one of the aims of the new Flash Gordon comic book, coming this summer… » 6/13/08 6:30am 6/13/08 6:30am

Top Ten Most Realistic Planets in Science Fiction

One of the worst examples of unrealistic science in movies is the overly simple alien planet. Oftentimes, our heroes will visit the desert planet, or the Irish planet. But the best extraterrestrial worlds in science fiction are the ones with variety and a realistic ecosystem. They have cities as well as countryside,… » 6/11/08 1:55pm 6/11/08 1:55pm


Mongo is by far the planet with the most varied ecosystems. Flash Gordon gets to visit Arboria with the forest people, Frigia with its sexy Snow Queen Fria, Coralia the underwater kingdom, Tropica, Sky City with its winged Hawk Men, and the Land of Lion Men. There can never be a dull moment when you live in Mongo.… » 6/11/08 1:31pm 6/11/08 1:31pm

Can Flash Gordon Be Saved?

So the SciFi Channel just wound up the first season of Flash Gordon on Friday, and it's clear they're ramping up for a second season. No announcements that the show has been canceled, plus we ended on a serious cliffhanger. There was a lot to complain about in this episode, though we were mollified slightly by the… » 2/12/08 2:35pm 2/12/08 2:35pm