Behold the gorgeous, batsh*t insanity of the new Monkey King trailer

There's no way to adequately describe this new trailer for Donnie Yen's The Monkey King, so you're just going to have to watch it. Just don't confuse it with Stephen Chow's goofier cinematic take on the Chinese legend, Journey to the West. Because when it saw this Monkey King trailer, it curled up into a fetal… »1/03/14 10:40am1/03/14 10:40am


Help bring this post-apocalyptic Monkey King movie to life!

The Monkey King is one of the oldest legends in all the land and is the main character in the epic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Even though his tales were penned in the 16th century, the Monkey King remains beloved by many. And now, a fellow io9er needs your help getting his new post-apocalyptic take on the… »11/27/11 7:25pm11/27/11 7:25pm