Gelada monkey's yodel-like gurgling could reveal origins of human speech

As a group, primates aren't really known for their ability to create vocalizations, or sophisticated or complex sounds with their mouths. Yes, we humans have shown some talent in that area — what with the whole development of language and all that — but most apes and monkeys are unable to generate anything but the… »4/14/13 4:00pm4/14/13 4:00pm

Monkeys of various ranks like to have sex with each other — but only when no one’s looking

Life is tough for male and female macaques monkeys - especially when they're horny. Like many primate species, their sex life is right out there in the open for everyone to see, including alpha males and alpha females who do their darndest to prevent low ranking monkeys from having sex with each other. And indeed, as… »10/31/12 4:13pm10/31/12 4:13pm