Striking natural landscapes that look like works of fantasy art

Sometimes the landscapes we dream up in works of science fiction and fantasy are no match for the real thing. From unusual geological formations to rare and beautiful flora, these natural landscapes seem pulled from another world. » 9/22/13 7:00am 9/22/13 7:00am

These are the strangest landscapes on Earth (according to Sierra Club)

The Sierra Club has released a pretty great roundup of "Earth's Weirdest Landscapes," and their selections are as bizarre as they are beautiful. » 5/30/13 8:20am 5/30/13 8:20am

New study is very bad news for arsenic-based life

In late 2010, NASA scientists announced the discovery of microbes in California's Mono Lake that used arsenic instead of phosphorus in their DNA. The study quickly came under intense criticism — and now we may be about to refute it entirely. » 1/23/12 9:36am 1/23/12 9:36am