Cthulhu + Monopoly = The Doom That Came To Atlantic City

There are many themed iterations of a specific famous real estate baron board game, but very few of them involve the horrors of the Lovecraftian mythos descending upon South Jersey and destroying the boardwalk. Behold The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, a satire by artist Lee Moyer, designer Keith Baker, and sculptor… »5/17/12 10:30am5/17/12 10:30am

Ridley Scott's Futuristic Monopoly Movie Should Not Pass Go

Genre darling Ridley Scott is going to bring to life the famous monocle man in a film adaptation of the famous Hasbro board game Monopoly. Yes, you heard me right — they are making a movie about the board game Monopoly »11/12/08 7:01pm11/12/08 7:01pm. Not only that, but Scott will be sourcing from his past work directing to give the overall film a…