Urban Monsters Love To Stretch Out Their Tentacles Across The Cityscape

We love Joel Prittie's urban monster art, especially this image of a giant tentacle monster sprawling out on a Hong Kong rooftop. He also does creatures riding in tanks, and Octo-bots at play. Check out some more. » 12/14/09 6:00pm 12/14/09 6:00pm

The Morbid Anatomy of Infant Werewolves, Vampire Pharohs, and Eldritch…

If your anatomical collection is shy a demon child or cursed monkey's paw, then you're in luck. Artist Alex CF crafts macabre sculptures styled after dead scientific specimens. Only the deceased creatures in his cases are demons and monsters » 10/27/09 8:30am 10/27/09 8:30am

Glimpse the Ghastly Innards of Japan's Folkloric Monsters

We've gotten an anatomy lesson in the giant monsters of Japanese cinema, now we get to see what makes Japan's supernatural creatures tick. A series of illustrated cross-sections reveal the fearsome anatomical features of hair-eating, soul-stealing beasties. » 10/14/09 2:43pm 10/14/09 2:43pm

Retro Illustrations of Monsters at Work and Play

Illustrator Juan Molinet blends science fiction concepts with classic cartoon inspiration to create quirky scenes featuring monsters, robots, and spacemen as they conquer the world, try to get home, or just enjoy a pleasant day outside. » 10/01/09 12:31pm 10/01/09 12:31pm

Festive Balloon Monsters for Your Next Alien Invasion

Jason Hackenwerth weaves elaborate and colorful alien creatures out of ordinary party balloons. They may not do well in a fight, but they'll add a festive tone to your next invasion. » 9/29/09 10:30am 9/29/09 10:30am

Attack Of The Frog People!

Monster art doesn't come any cooler, or more colorful, than 1000 Tentacles, the collaboration of artists Leong Wan Kok and pH Khor. Just check out this gallery of our faves, below. » 12/10/08 3:32pm 12/10/08 3:32pm