Godzilla Finally Arrives To Stomp Your Gaming Table To Dust

The arrival of Monsterpocalypse last month served to fill a void in the gaming world. But for some kaiju fans, there was still something missing - their favorite movie monsters. A new game is in development by veteran game designer Richard Berg that will feature Godzilla himself, along with some of his very tall… » 11/12/08 8:20am 11/12/08 8:20am

Monsterpocalypse is a Rampaging Good Time

Anyone who ever spent a Saturday afternoon as a kid gleefully watching Godzilla or Gamera battle weird space dragons or giant robots » 10/30/08 8:20am 10/30/08 8:20am while destroying the vital infrastructure of Japan has got to love the idea of Monsterpocalypse. We've played a bunch of games to see if the game lives up to the hype - and by "hype," we…

Monsterpocalypse Caption Contest Winners

Last weekend, we asked you to caption an image of giant monsters fighting » 10/25/08 12:30pm 10/25/08 12:30pm each other. First prize is an awesome Monsterpocalypse poster signed by the whole Privateer Press design team. Second prize is an equally awesome poster, also signed. And the winners are... for noticing the weird resemblance Armodax has to John…

Caption These Giant Monsters, Win A Sweet Autographed Monsterpocalypse Poster

Monsterpocalypse is finally here. The miniature game of monsters destroying cities hit store shelves about a week ago, and starter packs are already sold out at the distributor level. Privateer Press sent us some cool posters that are signed by the entire Monsterpocalypse design crew. You can win one by coming up with… » 10/19/08 11:00am 10/19/08 11:00am

The Official Rules for Destroying Cities with Giant Monsters

We've been eagerly anticipating the release of Monsterpocalypse, the tabletop game of giant monster destruction, for months now here at io9. With the first set of monsters hitting game stores in just a few weeks, Privateer Press has released the full rulebook for the game in PDF form. Yes, it has giant monsters… » 9/12/08 8:00am 9/12/08 8:00am

Cthugrosh and the Lords of Cthul Are Pure Evil in Sculpted Plastic

Of all the monster factions in the upcoming miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, the Lords of Cthul are the evilest. In the words of designer Eric Yaple, "Fueled by the worship of their cultists, these fiends seek to draw life from the Earth as a starving man sucks the marrow from a bone." We've got inside info on… » 6/04/08 8:00am 6/04/08 8:00am