We finally know who's playing Captain Underpants on the big screen!

The Captain Underpants books are among the most banned reading material in the world. They're brilliantly subversive and weird, and a refreshingly dotty spin on superhero lore. And now, they're becoming an animated movie, with Ed Helms as Captain Underpants himself. » 1/22/14 11:46am 1/22/14 11:46am

This Week's TV: One of our favorite animated scifi movies is becoming a…

This week, Gizmodo is becoming a television show. And Erik Estrada is fighting chupacabras. Also, learn the truth about the end of the world, the God Particle, and the Mars rover. Plus one of the funnest animated films of the past few years is becoming a TV series... but will the television version ruin it? Check out… » 3/18/13 9:00am 3/18/13 9:00am

The Golden Gate Bridge: Who destroyed it best?

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge has suffered all manner of damage and destruction in television and on film. But out of all the earthquakes, sea monsters, and alien attacks, who caused the bridge its most impressive destruction? » 9/02/12 7:00am 9/02/12 7:00am

The Larger-Than-Life Sex Lives Of Giant Women [NSFW]

If you've ever fantasized about Ginormica or the 50-foot woman, you're not alone. "Giantess" porn is huge on the Internet. Witness massive (and half-naked) women stomping cities into rubble, and tiny men who adore them. And yes, it's very NSFW. » 12/24/09 9:00am 12/24/09 9:00am

Where Are All The Space Pilgrims?

As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving and we all prepare to watch Avatar, yet another movie where we invade the aliens, it's worth asking: why aren't there any movies or TV shows where humans come in peace and try to coexist? » 11/26/09 1:00pm 11/26/09 1:00pm

Mutant Pumpkins Want to Make Pie Out of You

The monsters of Monsters vs. Aliens are back to battle a new threat: mutant pumpkins from outer space. In these five clips, our monstrous heroes try trick-or-treating and we learn why not to make Jack O'Lanterns out of sentient squash. » 10/18/09 1:00pm 10/18/09 1:00pm


Sept 15
An American Werewolf In London: Special Edition
Army of Darkness: Screwhead Edition
Two classic horror comedies, two re-releases. If you're forced to choose between the two, go for Werewolf; Darkness is more of a straight re-release. » 9/13/09 12:00pm 9/13/09 12:00pm

The io9 Guide To 2009's Fall DVD Releases

Last week, we told you about the movies reaching theaters this fall, but it has to be said: Sometimes, even just going to the theater seems like too much hassle. Here's what you can watch at home, instead. » 9/13/09 12:00pm 9/13/09 12:00pm

Monsters Versus Aliens To Battle It Out On The Small Screen

Finally, some good news. One of the year's most fun movies is getting its own TV series on Nickelodeon. We can assume the film's star-studded voice talent won't be attached, but that just means no more Seth Rogen's blue blob Bob stealing the spotlight from the classic movie monsters. Unfortunately, with the good comes… » 5/27/09 9:30am 5/27/09 9:30am

Monsters Crushes All Comers In Friday's Box Office

Monsters vs. Aliens had a large opening at the box office yesterday, and may have set records for 3-D movies... but can it also beat Watchmen's opening weekend? » 3/28/09 4:00pm 3/28/09 4:00pm

It's Good to Be a Monster in "Monsters vs. Aliens"

With its star-studded voice cast, silly giant monsters, and awesome alien robots, Monsters vs. Aliens is a great scifi comedy. It also brings a welcome snark to the usual after-school-special message of acceptance. Spoilers ahead. » 3/27/09 2:05pm 3/27/09 2:05pm

Monsters Vs. Aliens Vs. Cloverfield!

The UFO-hunters at TopSecretConspiracy.Com have done it again, and we've got an exclusive heads-up of their latest, most damning documentary footage, proving that monsters and aliens are all around us. They ruined Rick's going-away party! » 3/24/09 8:00am 3/24/09 8:00am

Laurie And Arnett Ad-Libbed Monsters Vs. Aliens

The comedic ensemble cast of Monsters Versus Aliens improvised their own lines - and even went back and forth over a period of years, redoing the same scenes, co-director Conrad Vernon told io9. Spoilers ahead... » 3/23/09 12:18pm 3/23/09 12:18pm

Mega-Spoilers For Wolverine, Doctor Who, Monsters Vs. Aliens And…

Deadpool talks about his crazy mouth. New Monsters Versus Aliens TV spots. Ron Moore talks The Thing. Doctor Who monster reports! Plus Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Dollhouse, Terminator:SCC, Fringe, Life On Mars, Smallville, and Heroes. » 3/18/09 6:00am 3/18/09 6:00am

Bow Before Our New Images Of Rainn Wilson's Gallaxhar!

Paramount/Dreamworks released a ton of new high-res images from Monsters Versus Aliens, which show a slinky outfit for Reese Witherspoon's Ginormica, and more looks at the alien conqueror Gallaxhar. Pics (and minor spoilers) below. » 3/13/09 1:17pm 3/13/09 1:17pm

What The Flagnog! A Brand New Monsters Vs. Aliens Clip

Rainn Wilson has imprisoned the lovely (and ginormous) Reese Witherspoon in a pink cell, in another chuckle worthy clip from Monsters Versus Aliens. Check out how evil aliens say "WTF." » 3/12/09 6:30am 3/12/09 6:30am

Crazy Clips From Terminator Salvation, Monsters Vs. Aliens And…

What exactly is the mutant Beak doing in Wolverine? How do Terminators get their eyeballs? Just how empowered are Dragonball's women? Those questions have spoilery answers! Plus Dollhouse, Heroes, Lost, Fringe, Supernatural and Reaper dirt. » 2/24/09 6:00am 2/24/09 6:00am

All The Missing Link Wants Is To Get His Boogiecise On

Final proof that monsters are among us! A video from 1983 shows the Missing Link, voiced by Will Arnett, terrorizing the Boogiecise aerobics crew. More evidence of a monster-coverup conspiracy? » 2/11/09 10:00am 2/11/09 10:00am

Reese Witherspoon Was Bald? The Making Of Monsters Vs. Aliens

Dreamworks released some B-roll showing the making of Monsters Versus Aliens, with Danny Elfman's boisterous score. Apparently Ginormica started out bald. Also, why do you think that guy is walking through a tiny city? » 2/03/09 1:27pm 2/03/09 1:27pm

Meet Rainn Wilson's Army, From Monsters Vs. Aliens Superbowl Trailer

Strap on your 3-D glasses and prepare to meet the alien army of Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson), from the Monsters Versus Aliens teaser that just aired. Looks like Ginormica gets the drop on the would-be overlord. » 2/01/09 6:31pm 2/01/09 6:31pm