That Falling Skies Cliffhanger: "We wrote ourselves into a little bit of a corner"

Falling Skies threw a huge curveball in the last few minutes of its first season — the sort of weird out-of-nowhere turn of events that makes you wonder if you missed a few episodes. And now that the show is coming back for its second season June 17, the show's cast and new showrunner admit that they were just as… » 5/11/12 3:13pm 5/11/12 3:13pm

Terminator's Bleak Future Will Keep Growing

Rumors that the unstoppable Terminator franchise was being deactivated have turned out to be totally false. Various sites reported last week that Terminator 4, the post-apocalyptic robot-fighting sequel starring Christian Bale as John Connor, was cancelled. But now it's just been announced that Moon Bloodgood (the… » 4/21/08 12:05pm 4/21/08 12:05pm