A new theory on why the moon looks bigger on the horizon

The Moon Illusion is probably the oldest optical trick that the world plays on us. When the moon is on the horizon, it appears to be huge and dramatic. When it's directly overhead it seems no more than a dime-sized light in the sky. Why the extreme difference in apparent size. There are a lot of theories as to why… »1/21/13 10:20am1/21/13 10:20am

Has the Moon created the world's most enduring optical illusion?

Since the time of Aristotle, people have noticed that the moon looks a lot bigger just as it's rising than it does when it's high in the sky. We're now in the time of NASA, and we still don't exactly know what it is that causes a low moon to be a monster moon. We do have a few good ideas, though. Explore the enduring… »9/07/12 2:40pm9/07/12 2:40pm