Bad Movie Physics: A Report Card

Space epics almost always play fast and loose with science, treating the laws of physics like suggestions. But some movies dismember Newton and Einstein with way more gusto than others. Here's our report card for bad science in 18 movies. » 12/28/10 12:30pm 12/28/10 12:30pm

By the way, we left out because there's so much of it, even if you just…

Twin Moonraker Space Stations in Orbit, Obvious Plot to Destroy Earth!

Robert Bigelow, owner of the Budget Suites hotel chain and head of Bigelow Airspace, has two functioning space stations in orbit around Earth. The older module, Genesis 1, just passed its 10,000th orbit, and both it and Genesis 2 appear to be functioning normally. It's pretty exciting that an entrepreneur can keep two … » 5/09/08 9:32am 5/09/08 9:32am

Are Spy Movies Science Fiction?

We don't talk much about the cloak-and-dagger genre here at io9. We haven't touched on the new James Bond movie, despite the scifi-sounding title (Quantum Of Solace.) We've barely even talked about Get Smart. (We did celebrate the history of James Bond's scifi plots, including Moonraker's fantastic space battle. But… » 5/05/08 2:45pm 5/05/08 2:45pm