The Case for Geological Optimism

There's a meme haunting the internet, and it's called techno-optimism. It's the belief that we can solve all our problems, from climate change to government surveillance, using technology. I reject this idea. My hope for the future comes from geology, and a belief that one day we will invent machines that are… » 8/23/13 11:25am 8/23/13 11:25am

Moore's Law predicts life originated billions of years before Earth

A new study co-authored by a geneticist at the National Institutes of Health concludes that life originated elsewhere in the Universe around 9.8 billion years ago – roughly five-billion years before the Earth was even formed. But how did the study arrive at this conclusion, and does it make any sense? » 4/18/13 9:15am 4/18/13 9:15am