Patrick Ness explains the secret of writing an unforgettable book

Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking book series has become an obsession for readers worldwide, and now it's becoming a movie from Robert Zemeckis and Charlie Kaufman. Check out our short review of Ness' new novel, More Than This, plus an interview where Ness gives invaluable advice to new writers. » 9/19/13 1:31pm 9/19/13 1:31pm

Chaos Walking author Patrick Ness releases his strangest book yet

Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go became an instant classic — and apparently it's still in development at Lionsgate as a film, with Charlie Kaufman writing the script. And now, he's got a new novel out, in which a boy dies in America and wakes up in England. » 4/09/13 5:14pm 4/09/13 5:14pm