Exorcism, Male Power, and the Murder of E'Dena Hines

A young woman lies on the floor of a candlelit room, screaming and sobbing. Surrounding her in a circle, are other members of her community, her pastor, a few of her friends, girls from her Sunday school choir. They begin chanting and praying, banging on the walls of the building. A teacher from her school approaches… »8/18/15 11:01am8/18/15 11:01am


The worst moment in the Transcendence trailer was never filmed.

The worst moment in the Transcendence trailer was never filmed. The bit in the Transcendence trailer where Morgan Freeman intones that the "the fate of mankind" is at stake? That was never in the film, says director Wally Pfister. "I'd never write something like that." The marketing people recorded that line and added… »4/15/14 5:53pm4/15/14 5:53pm

The end of the world is the beginning of Tom Cruise's problems in this new Oblivion trailer

Not that the first Oblivion trailer looked bad, but this new, second trailer for Tom Cruise's upcoming scififlick is a hell of a lot more exciting. You've got Cruise as Wall-E, a plethora of ruined Earth landmarks, a creepy space government, mysterious humans popping up and Morgan Freeman doing his best Morpheus… »2/13/13 9:20am2/13/13 9:20am

Tom Cruise plumbs the secrets of post-apocalyptic Earth in the first Oblivion trailer

In the first trailer for Tom Cruise's post-apocalyptic film Oblivion, Cruise is a drone repairman walking the shattered remains of Earth. But as he explores the planet humanity was forced to leave behind, he finds something he never expected to find, something that makes him question everything he's been told about… »12/08/12 9:08pm12/08/12 9:08pm

Lost Dark Knight Rises audio outtakes reveal that Morgan Freeman is a honey-voiced madman

This is absolutely golden. Thanks to the magics of the internet, somebody was able to leak the secret off-camera conversations between Morgan Freeman and Christan Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. In these short snippets of mania, learn how Freeman has no idea who Batman actually is and how his dulcet voice… »4/08/12 6:25am4/08/12 6:25am

In the 1970s, Morgan Freeman was the (hygienic) Lord of the Vampires

Today, the folks at Topless Robot count down 11 bad Draculas. There's one inclusion I take umbrage with: Morgan Freeman's depiction of Vlad on The Electric Company in the Seventies. C'mon! He took baths in his coffin!

You think True Blood is racy? On The Electric Company (Sesame Street's sister show), Freeman would… »7/28/10 9:30am7/28/10 9:30am