Supercut: Morgan Freeman Explains Absolutely Everything

Nobody explains things better than Morgan Freeman. No matter how nonsensical, crazy or profound, everything sounds better when he explains it. We only use 10 percent of our brains? Sure. A mystical prophecy? Makes sense. But just to prove it, here are nearly 40 clips of Freeman explaining stuff. » 8/28/14 1:54pm 8/28/14 1:54pm

Morgan Freeman Talks To io9 About The Potential For A Zombie Plague

Tonight's episode of Through the Wormhole asks a question near-and-dear to our hearts: Could a zombie apocalypse actually happen? We spoke to host Morgan Freeman and producer Megan Parlen to learn more. » 6/25/14 12:40pm 6/25/14 12:40pm

Morgan Freeman Explains Physics While Sucking On Helium

Morgan Freeman has an amazing voice; that we know. But what we didn't know was how much better it sounds after a good huff of helium. » 5/23/14 9:40am 5/23/14 9:40am

The worst moment in the Transcendence trailer was never filmed. The bit in the Transcendence trailer where Morgan Freeman intones that the "the fate of mankind" is at stake? That was never in the film, says director Wally Pfister. "I'd never write something like that." The marketing people recorded that line and added… » 4/15/14 2:53pm 4/15/14 2:53pm

Scarlett Johansson Is A Superpowered Genius In The First Lucy Trailer

We've been waiting to see Scarlett Johansson gain superpowers and go on an ass-kicking spree in Luc Besson's Lucy. Now the first trailer is here and it looks like the visual spectacle we've been hoping for. » 4/02/14 10:16am 4/02/14 10:16am

Our first peek at the Dark Knight cinematographer's directorial debut

We're excited that regular Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister is picking up the director's mantle for his debut film, Transcendence. And now we get a very tiny look at what is going on in Pfister's movie world. » 7/13/13 4:00pm 7/13/13 4:00pm

Morgan Freeman joins Luc Besson's "superpowered drug mule" movie Lucy

Morgan Freeman could be joining Scarlett Johansson, who's playing a drug mule who gains new superpowers in Luc Besson's ( The Fifth Element) new movie Lucy. » 6/18/13 4:48pm 6/18/13 4:48pm

Morgan Freeman, in a CERN hard hat, inside the Large Hadron Collider

Picture pretty much does what it says on the tin. Yes, it's real, and it is excellent – arguably the best (only?) shot of Freeman and a tunnel since Shawshank. » 3/22/13 6:20am 3/22/13 6:20am

The end of the world is the beginning of Tom Cruise's problems in this…

Not that the first Oblivion trailer looked bad, but this new, second trailer for Tom Cruise's upcoming scififlick is a hell of a lot more exciting. You've got Cruise as Wall-E, a plethora of ruined Earth landmarks, a creepy space government, mysterious humans popping up and Morgan Freeman doing his best Morpheus… » 2/13/13 6:20am 2/13/13 6:20am

Tom Cruise plumbs the secrets of post-apocalyptic Earth in the first …

In the first trailer for Tom Cruise's post-apocalyptic film Oblivion, Cruise is a drone repairman walking the shattered remains of Earth. But as he explores the planet humanity was forced to leave behind, he finds something he never expected to find, something that makes him question everything he's been told about… » 12/08/12 6:08pm 12/08/12 6:08pm

Lost Dark Knight Rises audio outtakes reveal that Morgan Freeman is a…

This is absolutely golden. Thanks to the magics of the internet, somebody was able to leak the secret off-camera conversations between Morgan Freeman and Christan Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. In these short snippets of mania, learn how Freeman has no idea who Batman actually is and how his dulcet voice… » 4/08/12 3:25am 4/08/12 3:25am

Listen to Morgan Freeman and Richard Feynman sing about "The Quantum…

The latest Symphony of Science music video is out, and it's beautiful! Sing along with Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman to the new auto-tuned jam, "The Quantum World." » 9/07/11 10:40am 9/07/11 10:40am

10 funky Spider-Man sketches from The Electric Company

In the 1970s, Spider-Man starred in a bunch of awesomely nonsensical sketches for the PBS children's show The Electric Company. See him fight a yeti and a vampiric Morgan Freeman. They're so trippy, you'll need a disco nap after watching. » 1/26/11 10:00am 1/26/11 10:00am

Will Morgan Freeman play the Colonel in Akira?

We learned last week that Zac Efron is in talks to play Kaneda in Albert Hughes' live action adaptation of Akira. We've now discovered that Morgan Freeman may play Neo-Tokyo Neo-New York military man Colonel Shikishima. » 11/07/10 7:50am 11/07/10 7:50am

In the 1970s, Morgan Freeman was the (hygienic) Lord of the Vampires

Today, the folks at Topless Robot count down 11 bad Draculas. There's one inclusion I take umbrage with: Morgan Freeman's depiction of Vlad on The Electric Company in the Seventies. C'mon! He took baths in his coffin!

You think True Blood is racy? On The Electric Company (Sesame Street's sister show), Freeman would… » 7/28/10 6:30am 7/28/10 6:30am

Bruce Willis reveals that the movie of Warren Ellis' ultra-violent Red…

We already know that the film adaptation of Warren Ellis' Red is going to be completely different from the comic book. So what can we expect from this action comedy? And how closely is it related to the original? Spoilers... » 7/22/10 5:12pm 7/22/10 5:12pm

The first trailer for Warren Ellis' Red looks...odd.

The three-issue miniseries written by Ellis and drawn by Cully Hamner was a lean, mean, assassin-on-the-warpath thriller, about one old man proving that some things are best left alone. But the movie version looks like a frothy romp. Um, okay. » 6/24/10 7:30am 6/24/10 7:30am

New science series with Morgan Freeman asks, "Is there a creator?"

Searching for answers to cosmology's biggest questions just got a whole lot more dignified. Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole, premiering tonight on the Science Channel, tackles the most fundamental questions about the universe, and even tries to address God scientifically. » 6/09/10 2:00pm 6/09/10 2:00pm

Fincher Pulls the Plug on Rendezvous With Rama

Director David Fincher’s post- Benjamin Button » 10/13/08 3:00pm 10/13/08 3:00pm project has been somewhat of a mystery—a 3D/CG ? Brian Michael Bendis’ ? Matz's ? Oh god, not the ?!? But now it looks like we can cross at least one limbo-ing project off his to-do list: , based on the cerebral, 1972 novel by sci-fi great Arthur C. Clarke about about…

Mark Millar Teases Next Wanted?

Wanted is on-course to be one of the most successful R-rated movies ever: Its opening weekend was the most successful June opening for an R-rated movie, and the sixth-most successful R-rated opening in history. Now the original comic book's creator Mark Millar is talking about what to expect from the future of the… » 6/30/08 8:00am 6/30/08 8:00am