Voiceovers That Turn Into Conversations, And Weird Voiceover Spoofs

This is sort of a catch-all for two categories that didn't quite deserve their own pages: monologues that start out as a voiceover, and then turn into someone talking to the camera; and voiceovers that are just sort of demented, silly or satirical. They're both a bit different from your standard science fiction… »6/12/09 3:00pm6/12/09 3:00pm

Ass, Grass Or Antimatter — Nobody Rides For Free

A space zombie gives comedian Mel Smith a lift in this weird scene from 1985's Morons From Outer Space. And it turns out that space zombies get horny too. Sadly, a lot of Morons, about aliens who visit Earth and become rockstars, is not as funny as I'd remembered — despite being co-written by Smith, one half of comedy… »7/02/08 8:34pm7/02/08 8:34pm