All The Most Revolting Mosquitoes from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Everybody knows that mosquitoes are bastards. The other day, we learned this has been true for 46 million years. And with next month’s release of Sucker, the story of a suicidal man transformed into a vengeful mosquito, it's time we confronted these creatures. Here are the most horrible mutated mosquitoes of all time. »10/17/13 4:00pm10/17/13 4:00pm


Scientists create spermless males to fight the spread of malaria

A female mosquito will mate just once in her entire lifetime. After doing the deed, her drive to mate is turned off, and her drive to lay fertilized eggs is turned on. Now, scientists from Imperial College London have tricked female mosquitoes into wasting their one go at fertility by swapping out normal males with… »8/09/11 11:30am8/09/11 11:30am