All The Most Revolting Mosquitoes from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Everybody knows that mosquitoes are bastards. The other day, we learned this has been true for 46 million years. And with next month’s release of Sucker, the story of a suicidal man transformed into a vengeful mosquito, it's time we confronted these creatures. Here are the most horrible mutated mosquitoes of all time. »10/17/13 4:00pm10/17/13 4:00pm

This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos

A mosquito can detect the carbon dioxide emanating from a prospective meal from hundreds of feet away. The Kite Patch, a small, non-toxic sticker that you place on your clothing, can jam a mosquito's CO2 radar. Wear one, the patch's creators say, and you'll be effectively invisible to the bloodsuckers for up to 48… »7/24/13 11:40am7/24/13 11:40am

How scientists will win the war against malarial mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have killed more than half of all humans who have ever lived — even more than war, plague, famine, and heart disease. By transmitting malaria, mosquitoes cause anywhere from one to 2.7 million deaths each year. And experts say that if nothing is done about it, the annual death toll could double in the next… »7/19/12 12:00pm7/19/12 12:00pm

Australians find a vampire-like mosquito that breeds and lurks beneath cities

As if blood-sucking insects weren't nasty enough, Australian researchers have discovered an offshoot of the Culex molestus mosquito that has adapted to urban environments, breeding and lurking about in dark crevices and pipes found beneath cities. And unlike other mosquitoes, this one can lay its eggs before… »6/25/12 11:40am6/25/12 11:40am