The Strange Symbiosis Between Sloths and Moths

Once a week, three-toed sloths slowly descend from the leafy forest canopy to poop on the ground. Why do these sluggish mammals go on such a long and potentially dangerous journey instead of just letting it fly from the treetops? Scientists now believe the answer has to do with the odd, symbiotic relationship between… »1/23/14 11:00am1/23/14 11:00am

We have absolutely no clue what built this crazy-complex structure

It's incredible, really. It features a central spire and an encircling picket-fence that's been reinforced by horizontal rails, and is strung together by a series of radially oriented guy wires. An impressive edifice at any scale, the structure measures less than 2 cm across. And here's the real kicker: nobody knows… »9/03/13 11:00am9/03/13 11:00am

This incredible photograph captures the swirling, twirling trails left by dozens of swarming moths

Photographer Steve Irvine captured the ephemeral movements of moths drawn to a floodlight. He took a 20-second exposure as hundreds of insects beat their way to the lights dotting an Ontario lawn, photographing just a few trails out of the entire swarm. That photo found the unexpected beauty in their hurried flights… »9/01/12 1:30pm9/01/12 1:30pm

David Attenborough looks tiny beside the world's biggest moth

And with good reason. Sure, this Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) may be looming in the foreground of the photograph, but at close to a foot across, its wingspan is bigger than Attenborough's entire face no matter where it's positioned. That's pretty impressive for an organism with an adult lifespan of less than two weeks (… »3/07/12 12:40pm3/07/12 12:40pm