Watching Patagonia's sky fill up with clouds is so beautifully ominous

This whole timelapse video, Patagonia 8K by Timestorm Films, is totally worth watching in its entirety just to see the landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina but I especially enjoy the clip right above where the scattered clouds dance and merge together to form a dense layer that completely blocks out the sky. You… »8/04/15 3:32am8/04/15 3:32am


Researchers Probe the Mysteries of Antarctica’s Hidden Mountains

Humans may have conquered Everest and K2, but one set of mountains has continued to elude explorers: Antarctica’s Gamburtsevs, the setting for H.P. Lovecraft's famous tale "At the Mountains of Madness." Buried beneath four kilometers of ice, the mountain range has never been seen by human eyes, and its position near… »10/15/08 5:00pm10/15/08 5:00pm