Crowdfund A Robot Insurgency Film From The Writers Of Feast

The writers of Project Greenlight's Feast have written a screenplay about a robot insurgency—and the team needs your help bringing the film to life. You can also help fund some wonderful comics, a Mouse Guard board game, and a documentary about working visual artists. » 8/01/14 2:56pm 8/01/14 2:56pm

Deadpool surfs a wave of blood in these superhero/Stephen King mashups

What happens if you throw superheroes and supervillains into Stephen King stories? The Hulk adds a bit more literalism to The Green Mile. Harley Quinn manages to make Misery even more insane. And Deadpool? Deadpool's just having a blast. » 9/23/12 11:30am 9/23/12 11:30am

Harley Quinn and The Joker in by . Deadpool in by . Mouse Guard and by .

Indiana Jones, Watchmen, and more reenacted by Mouse Guard's adorable…

When they aren't protecting their fellow rodents from fearsome predators, the mice of David Petersen's comic Mouse Guard are playing at being other characters — flying the Watchmen Owl Ship, snatching ancient idols à la Indiana Jones, or trying their tiny paws at the X-Men fastball special. » 6/23/12 11:00am 6/23/12 11:00am