Why Harry Potter Won't Have as Much Staying Power as Luke Skywalker

Where are all the new heroes? This summer, in particular, it feels like we're drowning in reboots. And a big part of our summer malaise has to do with the "copy of a copy of a copy" problem. But why is it so hard to create a new hero who gets some traction? I think it has to do with open-ended universes, and copyright… »7/01/13 7:01pm7/01/13 7:01pm

This amazing full-length, live-action Toy Story remake reminds us how much fun it is to play with toys

This is pretty damn incredible. Since June 2010, Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta have been filming a shot-for-shot live-action remake of Pixar's Toy Story, using human actors as the human characters and real toys for Woody and the gang (and the original Toy Story audio track). The toys move with a combination of… »1/13/13 10:30am1/13/13 10:30am