10 Movies That Should Never Become Video Games

Times are tough, but word on the street is that video games could be recession proof » 11/21/08 9:00am 11/21/08 9:00am. That’s why we predict purveyors of the medium will sign off on even more dubious game adaptations of movies. After over the troubling game, a bald effort to cash in on the March movie, we decided to do the Hollywood gaming industry…

New Movie Celebrates Galactic In-Breeding

The quest for classic scifi texts to bring to the big screen may finally have gone too far. Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures are negotiating for the rights to film E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen novels, which are so dated that any adaptation will be either unrecognizable or unwatchable. And yet… » 1/11/08 8:20am 1/11/08 8:20am