Popular movie posters get animated with the actual scene from the movie

There’s a whole lot of fun in this project by Pablo Fernandez Eyre: famous movie posters turn into moving pictures with the help of the actual scene from the movie itself. It’s like if the movie posters were GIFs, you get to see what led up to and what happened after the scene they took the movie poster from. »10/28/15 9:00pm10/28/15 9:00pm


Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn Explains How The Best Movie Posters Tell a Story All on Their Own

Nicolas Winding Refn doesn’t collect movie posters. And yet, he’s about to release a book of movie posters. It’s a typical curiosity from the director of Drive and Bronson, who was at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas to talk about the book, which is called The Act of Seeing. »9/30/15 2:40pm9/30/15 2:40pm

The Mind-Blowing Hungarian Posters for All Your Favorite Movies

Can you name all of the famous science fiction films represented by these beautiful and bizarre posters from Hungary? You've seen Star Wars posters from all over the world and the wild paintings used on Ghana's movie posters. But nothing is more intense and wonderful than Hungarian posters for imported science… »2/26/14 6:35pm2/26/14 6:35pm

You can see why Steven Spielberg is snapping up these posters by Laurent Durieux

You possibly know the work of Laurent Durieux through his Mondo movie posters, but if that's all you know, you're missing out. The 42-year-old Belgian artist, an acolyte and fan of Jean "Moebius" Giraud, was named one of the world's 200 best illustrators by the prestigious Lürzer's Archive advertising magazine in… »2/11/13 12:20pm2/11/13 12:20pm

Minor character movie posters imagine the untold stories of Nazgûls, Stormtroopers, and more

In this week's Something Awful Photoshop Phriday, SA invited its community of photo-editing jokesters to come up with movie posters starring minor characters. Some of the results are quite inspired. I'm waiting for the Band of Nazgûls miniseries to pop up on HBO. Some of our favorites are below. Check out the whole… »1/13/13 12:30pm1/13/13 12:30pm

Outrageous movie fan theories illustrated in offbeat movie posters

There's a rather detailed fan theory that claims that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the moon landing and then used his film The Shining as a heavily veiled confession. Another claims that the cuddly creature from My Neighbor Totoro is actually an avatar of the god of death. Artist Fernando Reza, also known as Fro, has… »9/16/12 10:30am9/16/12 10:30am

What happens when you remove one letter from a movie title? How about Jurassic Ark?

Kicking off the weekend with a little movie-inspired silliness, artist Austin Richards and copyrighter Des Creedon have teamed up to answer the question: "What happens when you remove a single letter from a movie title?" Their Removies posters are goofy, and wouldn't make half-bad movies themselves. »9/08/12 11:00am9/08/12 11:00am