The 10 most spectacularly oddball superheroes of Indian cinema

Today film blogger Todd Stadtman gives us a crash course on the many fantastic superheroes to grace the Indian film industry. Meet the legion of bootleg Supermen, the invisible Mr. India, and the archer Toofan, who's 900% more badass than Green Arrow and Hawkeye put together. » 1/25/12 10:10am 1/25/12 10:10am

Five Bollywood Science Fiction Movies You Should Know

Bollywood song-and-dance meets robots and aliens. How can that not rule? If Shekhar Kapur's Time Machine finally gets made, it'll be part of a bold new wave of Bollywood science fiction. Including Indian superhero Krrish, fighting a motorcycle gang in the clip above. We have full details on Krrish and four other… » 1/29/08 1:30pm 1/29/08 1:30pm