​The new Ms. Marvel is here and ready to rock your world

We've not been shy about our love of Kamala Khan, Marvel's new Ms. Marvel, teenager, Pakistani-American, Muslim, and New Jersey-ite. Indeed, we may have mentioned it here, here or here. So we're super-excited to finally get to read the first issue, written by G. Willow Wilson, and drawn by Runaways' Adrian Alphona —… » 2/04/14 2:50pm 2/04/14 2:50pm

The best, weirdest and wildest comics coming in 2014

Telling you it's a good time to be a comic book fan is like telling you oxygen is a helpful thing to inhale. You know this already. It's just a fact. We've been treated to some of the best, most thoughtful, and most fun comics of all time over the last several years, and that's clearly not going to stop in 2014. Here… » 1/14/14 11:30am 1/14/14 11:30am

Everybody loves the new Ms. Marvel*

[*Except for Stephen Colbert.] All copies of Captain Marvel #17, which contains the first appearance of the brand-new Ms. Marvel, have sold out on the distributor level a mere two days after the issue was released. That's a very good sign for the teenage Muslim shapeshifter Kamala Khan, her own series debuting next… » 11/08/13 3:40pm 11/08/13 3:40pm

Stephen Colbert does not care for that new Muslim Ms. Marvel

On Tuesday, we reported on the new comic character Kamala Khan, a teenage Muslim who is taking the moniker of Ms. Marvel in her own self-titled comic due out next February. The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert recognized this for the attack on America that it is, and reported it accordingly. » 11/07/13 9:50am 11/07/13 9:50am

The Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/Shazam Clusterf*ck Explained

As a fake mailman living in the future, sometimes it’s funny to me what you people in 2013 freak out about. Ben Affleck as Batman? He actually ends up being okay. Not great, but definitely better than Kilmer or Clooney. But man, you guys are going to completely lose your shit in 20 years when Kim and Kanye’s kid North… » 9/04/13 8:15am 9/04/13 8:15am

Why Marvel Needs to Make a Captain Marvel Movie Like, Yesterday

Now that Marvel has firmly established its cinematic universe and the triumph of the superhero genre, it’s time to think about what’s next — and I don’t mean Cinematic Phase 2. There’s a dearth of female superheroes in movies right now, one that Marvel can and should correct with one character in particular: Captain… » 7/02/13 12:07pm 7/02/13 12:07pm

Zany X-Men fashions turn Magneto into a preening popinjay

We've been enjoying the heck out of Kevin Wada and Max Wittert's X-Men clothing line (previously: 1, 2) — these drawings transform Marvel Comics' strangest superteam into a collective of blasé performance artists who blow Xavier's endowment on smart drinks imported from the farthest reaches of the Shi'ar Empire. » 2/07/12 10:50am 2/07/12 10:50am

Iron Man Fan Film Looks Good To Go

We've already told you about five fan films that blew us away. With more Iron Man on the horizon, a reader (thanks Clive!) has let us know about this fan film featuring the other Man of Steel that looks pretty snazzy. It not only includes Ms. Marvel, the Black Widow, Nick Fury, and a decidedly non-Asian, curly-headed… » 1/14/08 3:00pm 1/14/08 3:00pm