Watch Guy Pearce do his best Snake Plissken impersonation in Space Prison: The Movie!

MS One: Maximum Security — previously titled Lockout — feels like the love child of Die Hard and Escape from New York. In this behind the scenes footage, watch as main character Guy Pearce has a hell of a time channeling both John McClane and Plissken. He's the new lovable rogue who's sure to win the day and the… »1/13/12 12:45pm1/13/12 12:45pm

New trailer shows Luc Besson's MS One desperately wants to be The Fifth Element

Missing the cheesy, wise-cracking antihero action flicks of the 90s? Well, have we got a movie for you. Watch Guy Pearce channel his best Bruce Willis in this trailer for MS One: Maximum Security. When a maximum security SPACE PRISON riots, the only righteous person left is the wise-cracking cop with great arms and a… »12/14/11 2:06pm12/14/11 2:06pm