X-Files Movie Proves Some Things Are Better Left Buried, Say Critics

The first early reviews of the new X-Files movie have shown up online... and they're not encouraging. Phrases like "Where's the action?" and "nothing more than an extended episode of the TV series" are being bandied about. But the truly horrifying part is the explanation of Billy Connolly's weird character — the one… »7/21/08 4:47pm7/21/08 4:47pm

Mulder Isn't Pining For Scully Any More In New X-Files Clips

Find out what woman Mulder is really after, in new clips from FBI paranoia movie The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Also check out Father Joe (Billy Connolly) trotting along the ice following his creepy visions while another character gives an unwanted guest a face full of rake. You can cut the tension between FBI agents… »6/25/08 5:46pm6/25/08 5:46pm