We Probably Haven't Found Evidence for the Multiverse

Perhaps you saw the news this week about new evidence that we do, indeed, live in a multiverse. A scientist claims he’s found signs in the cosmic microwave background radiation — the afterglow, so to speak, from the Big Bang — that our universe collided with another universe early in our cosmic history. »11/06/15 9:15am11/06/15 9:15am


It's Looking More and More Likely That We Live in a Multiverse

Could our massive universe be just one of many, like a bubble in a frothy stream of cosmos-spawning stuff? It sounds like something out of a 1970s British scifi novel, but it's become a popular explanation for the origin of our universe. But how can we test this hypothesis, when we're stuck in just one universe? »11/03/14 6:20pm11/03/14 6:20pm

Quantum Suicide: How to Prove the Multiverse Exists, in the Most Violent Way Possible

Quantum mechanics says objective reality doesn't exist, that instead all we see are probabilities collapsing into one particular configuration... and all other possible realities might just exist together in a quantum multiverse. Here's the deadly experiment that could help you to test that very idea. »3/08/12 6:07pm3/08/12 6:07pm

Must Watch: An Out-of-Character Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

This is excellent. Back in 2010, an out-of-character Stephen Colbert sat down with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberly Academy to talk for 90 minutes about science, society and the universe. Yesterday, the Hayden Planetarium posted the interview on its website for all to watch. »11/28/11 3:59pm11/28/11 3:59pm

Physicists and mathematicians discover a way to save time - literally

In order to calculate odds in a multiverse, a certain conceit has to be thrown down which 'ends time' for certain universes. This means that, conceptually at least, universes are destroyed. And so a group of intrepid theorists set out to save universes by saving time, and may have discovered a way to do it. »8/12/11 10:00am8/12/11 10:00am

A test for multiple universes finds four . . . maybe

Multiple universes are accessed, in fiction, through portals in space or mystical necklaces or sometimes just in dreams, but always when characters break the rules of space time. In reality, alternate universes are not in other dimensions. They're just far, far away. And the reason they are alternate universes is that… »8/04/11 4:20pm8/04/11 4:20pm

How Many Universes Exist in the Multiverse? Physicists May Have a Number

If we do, in fact, live in a multiverse, with multiple universes arising out of the Big Bang, how many are there? Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin at Stanford University have been working to calculate a number, based on quantum fluctuations in the early state of the universe. Their tally indicates that there are at… »10/15/09 2:10pm10/15/09 2:10pm