The Muppets Visited The Empire Strikes Back Set, And It Was Wonderful

Star Wars and The Muppets have long been linked, thanks to Frank Oz's work bringing the likes of Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and of course Yoda, to life. But the worlds mix a little more closely in this gallery of recently uncovered photos, showing Kermit and Miss Piggy paying the set of The Empire Strikes Back a visit. » 1/30/15 4:29pm 1/30/15 4:29pm

Slow Jam Muppet Babies Theme Reveals Beaker's Little Known Talent

It's scat singing. Seriously, there's a lot to love about this cover of the Muppet Babies theme song (and a lot of the other covers on ScottBradleeLovesYa youtube channel), but it's the moment where Beaker's single word is turned into extended improvisational singing that really sells it. » 7/20/14 11:00pm 7/20/14 11:00pm

Sesame Street's Parody of True Blood Treats Vampires As Grouches

If there's one thing we know, it's that True Blood is a show for adults. So we 100% hope that no child has ever seen the show that this Sesame Street parody is based on. But if you were wondering if it was possible to nail this show without using any sex or violence, the answer is yes. But only with Muppets. » 6/20/14 11:00pm 6/20/14 11:00pm

The Muppets' Jesus Christ Superstar Is A Real Album That Someone Made

Here's a question we never thought to ask: how would Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera about the life of Jesus play with the Muppets? Now we know, thanks to the Muppet Christ Superstar album, with Kermit as Jesus, Gonzo as Judas, Miss Piggy as Mary Magdalene, and a chorus of clucking proto-Christian chickens. » 4/15/14 2:20pm 4/15/14 2:20pm

Bret McKenzie Reveals His Secrets Behind Making the Muppets Sing

Bret McKenzie won an Oscar for his songwriting in the first Muppet movie, and now he's back for the second. We spoke to the Flight of the Conchords co-founder, and he spilled all his secrets on finding the melody for a new generation of Muppet films. Plus his animated NASA series, and his next fantasy musical. » 3/19/14 3:25pm 3/19/14 3:25pm

New Muppets Most Wanted trailer focuses on Kermit's lean, green nemesis

I imagine all I need to do is type "new Muppets Most Wanted trailer" and that's more than enough reason to watch this video. But just in case: more plot details, more celebrity cameos, and more of Kermit's evil doppleganger Constantine, whose attempts to match Kermit's voice have never, ever stopped being funny to me. » 2/25/14 8:50am 2/25/14 8:50am

New Muppets trailer shows movie studios the right way to quote Twitter

The Muppets aren't all "aw shucks" jokes and flying chickens. Back in the day, the Muppets were full of biting, spot-on satire. And this latest trailer from Muppets Most Wanted is no exception, showing everyone who markets film how ridiculous they all look when they use Twitter quotes in their trailers. » 1/07/14 1:17pm 1/07/14 1:17pm