The Hideous Chicago Triple Child Murder That Was Finally Solved ... After 40 Years

It was a Sunday in October 1955 when three Chicago boys (from left in the photo: Robert Peterson, 14; John Schuessler, 13; and his brother, Anton, 11) decided to venture downtown for a matinee. Peterson’s mother helped them pick out a film (Disney doc The African Lion) and sent them on their way. They never returned. »9/02/15 1:40pmToday 1:40pm

Man Charged In Cold-Case Killing After Body of Wife Found Buried in Backyard

In 1993, a 23-year-old woman went missing, leaving her young son behind. The only clues to Jacksonville, Fla. resident Bonnie Haim’s disappearance were her purse, found tossed in a dumpster, and her car, which was abandoned at the Jacksonville airport. For two decades, the mystery persisted. »8/25/15 2:40pm8/25/15 2:40pm

This Triple Slaying Rocked a Peaceful State Park—And Sent a Man to Prison for Over 50 Years

Starved Rock State Park, located about 100 miles from Chicago, is the “#1 attraction in Illinois,” according to its website. The history section on that same site delves into the tragic legend behind the park’s unusual name, but doesn’t mention a more recent event that brought it far more notoriety: a 1960 triple… »8/25/15 11:40am8/25/15 11:40am

The Mysterious Murder of a Heroic Chemist Who Was (Probably) Also a Spy

In 1952, a vacationing British family of three was brutally shot and clubbed to death while camping roadside near the village of Lurs, on the banks of the Durance. The murders, for which a local farmer was convicted (but spared the guillotine), became known as “France’s crime of the century.” And its mysteries still… »8/20/15 11:30am8/20/15 11:30am

Exorcism, Male Power, and the Murder of E'Dena Hines

A young woman lies on the floor of a candlelit room, screaming and sobbing. Surrounding her in a circle, are other members of her community, her pastor, a few of her friends, girls from her Sunday school choir. They begin chanting and praying, banging on the walls of the building. A teacher from her school approaches… »8/18/15 8:01am8/18/15 8:01am

The Heart-Eating Hippie Who Admitted "I Am a Cannibal" When He Was Arrested

I have a problem. I’m a cannibal.” These matter-of-fact words, uttered by 22-year-old “Satan cultist” Stanley Dean Baker, chilled the California Highway Patrol officer who arrested him in July 1970. And it wasn’t long before that horrifying statement was proven to be completely true. »8/17/15 3:40pm8/17/15 3:40pm

In 1929, the Newfangled Realm of Forensics Helped Catch a Cruel Killer

Sidney Harry Fox had already caused his mother plenty of grief by the time he decided to end her life in 1929, greedily eyeing her insurance policy as just the cash infusion he needed to continue his shiftless lifestyle. But Rosaline Fox would get her revenge in death, with the help of forensic science. »8/14/15 10:24am8/14/15 10:24am

In 1957, He Was Executed for Murder—But Was He a Victim of Circumstance?

Sixty years ago, 14-year-old Stephanie Bryan vanished while walking home from school in Berkeley, Calif. Two months later, her belongings were uncovered in an Alameda basement. Suspicious, police made the 300-mile trek to the homeowner’s vacation cabin ... and found Stephanie’s body stashed nearby. »8/04/15 4:00pm8/04/15 4:00pm

All the Evidence Against Lizzie Borden—And Why She Was Acquitted

On August 4, 1892, Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby, were found hacked to death in their Fall River, Mass. home. The top suspect: Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie, who was acquitted but thereafter lived under the shadow of the crime. Why was Lizzie accused, and how did she beat the rap? Let’s take a look. »8/04/15 12:20pm8/04/15 12:20pm

A murder mystery unravels as the camera zooms out and changes angles

Since we’re limited by our own perspective, every story can always be told differently. People see things differently. People remember different things. People tell stories differently. Because, well, people are different. We only remember what we can, we need the full picture to see it all. »7/30/15 11:05pm7/30/15 11:05pm

The Terribly True Tale of the Youngest Girl Ever Executed in America


Today, the crimes of Hannah Ocuish would be readily explained, if not outright forgiven. Her childhood incorporated all the clichés and every demographic of the youthful offender: poverty, neglect, ignorance, discrimination. Taken together, they ensured that Hannah would be a naughty little girl indeed. »7/29/15 4:30pm7/29/15 4:30pm

The Saga of a Man, Two Lions, and a Freak Accident That Got Freakier


The sounds of fireworks and revelry echoed through the warm Oregon night as people throughout Portland celebrated Independence Day. It was July 4th, 1970. And among the crowds were three young men enjoying the triple pleasure of a holiday, a summer evening, and the vigor of youth.
»7/22/15 4:30pm7/22/15 4:30pm

The "Giggling Granny" Serial Killer Who Smiled All the Way to Prison

Hey, y’all! Meet Nannie Doss. Over a period of nearly 30 years, this cheery serial killer chopped multiple limbs off her own family tree, with body count that’s alleged to include four husbands, her mother, one of her mother-in-laws, her two sisters, two of her children, a grandson, and a nephew. »7/15/15 4:20pm7/15/15 4:20pm

What's Wife Killer Drew Peterson Been Up To in Prison? Nothing Good

Former Illinois cop Drew Peterson, convicted in 2012 of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and suspected of killing his fourth, Stacy Cales Peterson (she’s been missing since 2007), is back in the news. He’s accused of trying to hire a hitman to take out the State’s Attorney who prosecuted the Savio case. »7/07/15 12:20pm7/07/15 12:20pm