Student Suspected of Murder After "Pocket Dial" Incident Nabbed in China

The suspected killer of Iowa State University student Shao Tong—her boyfriend, University of Iowa student Xiangnan Li—has been apprehended, nearly 10 months after the young woman’s strangled body was found crammed into her car trunk. His capture was complicated because he’d fled to China after her death. » 6/30/15 2:55pm 6/30/15 2:55pm

The Unbelievable Case of the Two-Year-Old Who Was Framed For Murder

Imagine enduring 25 years of being told that when you were two, you caused the death of your four-month-old brother. Conversely, imagine being the sort of person low enough to frame a toddler for murder. In 1971, a tragedy and its prolonged aftermath would go on to shape more than one life. » 6/29/15 7:30pm 6/29/15 7:30pm

This "Bluebeard" Built a Deadly Dungeon and Inspired A Classic Thriller

Serial killer Harry F. Powers did not actually have “LOVE” and “HATE” tattooed on his knuckles like Night of the Hunter’s Rev. Harry Powell. But the inspiration for novelist Davis Grubb’s character, memorably brought to life on the big screen by Robert Mitchum, was still plenty unnerving. » 6/29/15 2:30pm 6/29/15 2:30pm

Why This Texas Nurse Suspected of Killing 40 Babies Might Soon Walk Free

Among the chilling descriptors used to describe Genene Jones during her headline-grabbing 1985 trial were “Baby-Killing Nurse” and “Angel of Death.” Convicted of one infant’s death, she was suspected of causing 40 or more babies to die on her watch. And thanks to a legal quirk, she may soon be free. » 6/25/15 5:20pm 6/25/15 5:20pm

The "Death Row Granny" Who Was Both Diabolical Killer and Political Pawn

Yesterday, we got to know Leonarda Cianciulli, who turned her victims into soap and cake. Here’s another in our series on female serial killers: North Carolina’s Velma Barfield, the “Death Row Granny” who poisoned four and maybe more, including her own mother, and was executed in 1984 at the age of 52. » 6/24/15 8:00pm 6/24/15 8:00pm

The Superstitious Murderer Who Turned Her Victims Into Cake And Soap

If you search Leonarda Cianciulli on the website for Rome’s Museo Criminologico, you’ll see that her nickname was “la Saponificatrice di Correggio.” What’s so sinister about a soap maker? Well, because she crafted it out of at least one of her murder victims ... and then gifted the bars to her friends. » 6/23/15 8:30pm 6/23/15 8:30pm

A Torrid Affair, an Inept Murder, and a Historic Execution

Sharp-witted writer Damon Runyon dubbed the 1927 killing of Albert Snyder “the dumbbell murder,” but it wasn’t due to the murder weapon; this photo shows what Ruth Snyder and her lover Henry Judd Gray used to end her husband’s life. The moniker came because the killers were, to put it bluntly, stupid. » 6/23/15 1:40pm 6/23/15 1:40pm

A Grim Crime-Scene Message Led To A Cold-Blooded Killer ... Or Did It? 

A murder is tragic enough on its own. But when a killer carefully leaves some kind of calling card at the scene — like words scrawled on a wall — the act accrues even more horror. Everybody knows the Manson Family did it. But the message attributed to Chicago’s “Lipstick Killer” was just as terrifying. » 6/22/15 2:15pm 6/22/15 2:15pm

A Grim Discovery Inside This Suitcase Uncovered More Than One Murder

June 18, 1934 was a typical day at Brighton Railway Station — except for a fetid odor emanating from an unclaimed trunk in the cloakroom. An attendant alerted the police; when they broke it open, they found a woman’s torso, wrapped like a macabre parcel. She was five months pregnant. » 6/19/15 12:00am 6/19/15 12:00am

The 40-Year-Old Mystery Of The Murdered Nanny And The Missing Earl

Where is Richard John Bingham, also known as Lord Lucan? He hasn’t been seen since November 8, 1974, the day after the family nanny was found beaten to death in the basement of the home where his estranged wife, Veronica, lived with the couple’s three young children. Left in his wake: scandal and endless speculation. » 6/17/15 8:00pm 6/17/15 8:00pm

A Horrible Crime Begets An Even More Horrible Punishment In 1726 England

In the 18th century England, a woman who offed her husband wouldn’t just be charged with murder. Thanks to the 1351 Treason Act, she’d also have to own up to Petty Treason for taking the life of her “superior.” And if found guilty, her punishment was specially tailored to be extremely gruesome. » 6/16/15 1:41pm 6/16/15 1:41pm

This Sensational Murder Case Spurred The UK To Outlaw Capital Punishment

Ruth Ellis had a difficult life leading up to the night she shot her on-and-off boyfriend, David Blakely, in 1955. Variously described as a “model” and “nightclub hostess,” she was literally apprehended holding a smoking gun, and refused to alter her bleached-blonde locks to make a good impression during her trial. » 6/10/15 3:40pm 6/10/15 3:40pm

Odd Disappearance Brings Back Memories Of "Most Terrible Crime Ever" 

In 1965, 16-year-old Sylvia Likens died after being tortured by her adult guardian — with the help of the woman’s family and other neighborhood children. The prosecutor called it “the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana.” Now, nearly 50 years later, Sylvia’s sister has mysteriously vanished. » 5/14/15 5:34pm 5/14/15 5:34pm