Dreamy Video Captures Murmuration Of Starlings Undulating In The Sky

Starling flocks are called "murmurations." The birds fly in massive, tightly-packed groups to fend off predators, find food together, and seek mates. There are several theories as to how they coordinate their flight patterns so smoothly; what's certain is how hypnotic it looks from the ground. » 3/07/15 10:30am 3/07/15 10:30am

The science of swarms will blow your mind

Here are two things you should do immediately. One: watch this. It's a jaw-dropping video of starlings in flight that will straight up give you chills. The swirling cloud of birds is called a "murmuration," and it's just one example of how animals in very large groups can engage in remarkably coordinated collective… » 3/22/13 10:23am 3/22/13 10:23am

Watch this: thousands of starlings take wing in the form of a swirling…

Check out this jaw-dropping video of a natural phenomenon known as a "murmuration." The collective noun is used to describe vast numbers of starlings as they whirl through the air like billowing clouds of black, biological smoke. » 11/03/11 11:23am 11/03/11 11:23am