With season 3, Fringe becomes the most daring show on television

Fringe has already proven that it's willing to take its alternate-universe concept in shocking directions. But the first two episodes of season three have so many mind-blowing, thought-provoking, can't-believe-they-went-there moments, you'll have to watch them twice. Here's our spoiler-free preview. » 9/16/10 3:56pm 9/16/10 3:56pm

One Author's List Of Quite Possibly Essential Science Fiction Includes William Gibson — And Event Horizon

Vinconium and Light author M. John Harrison posted a list of "some interesting science fiction" that's been causing lots of discussion — it's not framed as a list of essential SF reading, or the greatest SF books of all time, just books that "turned [Harrison] on when he read them." And yet, it looks like a pretty… » 5/14/09 4:00pm 5/14/09 4:00pm

It's Ninjas Vs. Helicopters in Sonny Chiba's G.I. Samurai

Released back in 1979, the Japanese movie G.I. Samurai » 8/30/08 2:00pm 8/30/08 2:00pm kicks a ton of ass: in it, a squad of Japan's Self-Defense Forces on maneuvers are thrown through a time rift to 16th Century Japan and have to face warlords, calvary, and, of course, ninjas. Led by Second Lieutenant Yoshiaki Iba (Sonny Chiba), the group of…

In Doctor Who Universe, MILFs are Hotter Than Bisexual Studs

Tomorrow night sees the start of Torchwood's second season on BBC America. But the U.S. hasn't yet gotten the best spin-off from the BBC's Doctor Who: the Sarah Jane Adventures. Even though Torchwood is (supposedly) aimed at adults and Sarah Jane is for kids, the kiddie show is actually way more fun and brilliant.… » 1/25/08 2:30pm 1/25/08 2:30pm