Making Sense of Marvel's Latest Revelation

This week's Avengers & X-Men: Axis #7 has reshaped the history of the Marvel Universe with just a few panels, but here's the crazy part: the change makes sense! (In its own weird way.) » 12/12/14 12:00am 12/12/14 12:00am

The Question Nobody Dares To Ask: How Do The Turtles Get Their Pizza?

Seriously, this is one of those questions that requires a lot of worldbuilding and thought to answer — the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can't exactly show their faces in public, plus they're ninjas. So how on Earth do they obtain the pizza on which they mostly subsist? » 9/24/14 1:21pm 9/24/14 1:21pm

Here's Why The Avengers Should Hire Dazzler

The Avengers roster includes greats like D-Man and Blade, but it's time they classed up the joint! Caseyjonescaseyjones made it clear the team should drop Scarlet Witch, how about giving Dazzler the chance to assemble? » 9/05/14 4:12pm 9/05/14 4:12pm

James McAvoy Won't Do Star Trek Impressions For Patrick Stewart

Watching Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy do impressions of their future selves in the X-Men movies right in front of the magnificent actors who play said future selves, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, is WONDERFUL. » 5/29/14 1:55pm 5/29/14 1:55pm

Hugh Jackman Answers All Your Super Spoilery X-Men Questions

Hugh Jackman answers everything you are dying to know about X-Men: Days of Future Past and shares a few fun spoilery details that we couldn't reveal earlier in our exclusive interview. » 5/27/14 9:53am 5/27/14 9:53am

Watch X-Men: Days Of Future Cats Right This Minute

Well, it should be titled X-Men: Days Of Future Cats. Also, I think the lack of an appearance by Cat-lossus or Kitten Pryde is a travesty. Still: adorable. » 5/25/14 4:00pm 5/25/14 4:00pm

Every Single Mystique Transformation Scene From Every X-Men Movie

One of the best parts of all the X-Men movies is watching the gorgeous Mystique transform into all sorts of folks. The flicking scale mutation scene NEVER gets old. And now you can see every transformation in one video. » 5/21/14 1:22pm 5/21/14 1:22pm

Hugh Jackman: The Ultimate io9 Interview

Over Hugh Jackman's 14 years as Wolverine, he's seen the X-Men rise and fall, and he's doing it again in X-Men:Days of Future Past. In our exclusive interview, Jackman explains what makes a good X-Men movie, his opinions on the new, younger group of mutants and the complex math behind delivering Wolverine's signature… » 5/20/14 8:50am 5/20/14 8:50am

So What Was The Tomorrow People's First Season About, Anyway?

We've now watched a full year of Tomorrow People, 22 episodes. Complete with roll-the-dice plotting and random character flip-flops. So it's probably a good moment to ask: What the heck was this show about, exactly? Spoilers ahead... » 5/06/14 11:48am 5/06/14 11:48am

Here's That Secret X-Men: Days of Future Past Spidey Credits Scene

Did you skip out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before the X-Men: Days of Future Past credits scene clip reveal? Don't worry we've got the clip right here for you to watch, and it's stuffed to the gils with mutants. Wonderful. » 5/05/14 12:06pm 5/05/14 12:06pm

Jennifer Lawrence Kicks So Much Ass In X-Men: Days Of Future Past Clip

Jennifer Lawrence is look slick as hell in her Mustique makeup, while kicking all the ass, in this clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Plus it contains Peter Dinklage, and that only makes this moment that much better. See for yourself! » 4/30/14 1:05pm 4/30/14 1:05pm

Tomorrow People Are Superior In One Respect: They Are Better At Dying

Sorry, but the Dalek quote seems way too apt in this situation not to use. We've been hearing for months about how superior the Tomorrow People are, while also witnessing their atrophied reasoning skills. At this point, not only are they mostly unfit to live, they're also terrible, horrible people. Spoilers ahead... » 4/29/14 4:30pm 4/29/14 4:30pm

Finally, Someone's Getting Shit Done On The Tomorrow People

As frustrating as The Tomorrow People can get, and as dim as the Tomorrow People often are, at least this show offers a few reasons to cheer sometimes. Like the scene immortalized in this GIF. Spoilers ahead... » 4/22/14 6:30pm 4/22/14 6:30pm

Final X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Looks Absolutely Amazing

We've seen the grim future our X-Men must face, now see what happens when they send the Wolverine back in time to save them all. It's time to get the band back together. » 4/15/14 8:09pm 4/15/14 8:09pm

First X-Men: Days of Future Past Clip Unleashes The Future Sentinels

Get a sneak peak into the dark, crappy future for all out X-Men buddies with a clip from Days of Future Past. Bryan Singer is going to be murdering so many mutants, we can't wait. Fingers crossed this potentially super-complicated time jump mutant madness works out. » 4/14/14 8:40am 4/14/14 8:40am

Days of Future Past Photos Reveal The X-Men's Dark History And Future

After a frighteningly terrible bit of marketing, the latest X-Men movie has stepped up their game and released a fantastic photo series that paints the entire alternate history and future for our mutant friends (including Baby Colossus!). Check out this gorgeous X-Men photo timeline! » 4/11/14 12:00pm 4/11/14 12:00pm

Why Are We Meeting The X-Men's Quicksilver In This Awful Commercial?

We're starting to think that the X-Men don't really like Quicksilver that much. First they made him look like this, and now they are showing off his super-speed powers for the first time in a fast food commercial. Well at least it's better than that super-sexist Mystique Ad. » 4/07/14 2:01pm 4/07/14 2:01pm

We've Seen The Horrible X-Men Bloodbath in Days of Future Past

We've seen the first few minutes of Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it was absolutely brutal. Get ready for a mutant massacre. Spoilers ahead... » 3/27/14 2:13pm 3/27/14 2:13pm

Tomorrow People Shows Why You Should Never Let The Villain Monologue

Seriously, if you have the villain at a disadvantage, don't let him or her start monologuing and trying to explain stuff. For most of the last 10 minutes of last night's Tomorrow People, I was yelling "Just shoot him already!" at the screen. » 3/25/14 4:49pm 3/25/14 4:49pm

The next X-Men Movie will be set in the 80s -- think of the outfits!

The next X-Men movie, X-Men Apocalypse, will be an 80s period-piece movie. And you thought the 70s superheroes looked insane. But wait, there's more. » 3/14/14 11:47am 3/14/14 11:47am