Everything You Need to Know about the Bizarre Genetics of Werewolves

Growing up in the 1960s, I collected monster cards: The 60-foot-man and the 50-foot woman, duplicate bodies gestating in giant seed pods, unseen Martians that sucked children into sand pits and returned them devoid of emotion, with telltale marks on the back of the neck. One card featured a very young Michael Landon… » 12/28/12 8:30am 12/28/12 8:30am

This four-legged Chinese chicken = the real face-hugger from Alien

Goodness, this is difficult to look at. Last week, a shopper in the Chinese city of Changsha bought this frozen chicken from the supermarket, only to discover that the skinless fowl possessed four delightfully mutated legs. According to a university professor consulted by the website China Buzz, the chicken is… » 3/23/12 10:25am 3/23/12 10:25am

Your allergies could help you fight off cancer

If you have a contact allergy, merely touching the wrong metal or chemical is enough to send your immune system into overdrive, triggering hives, swelling and general unpleasantness. However, it seems that this sensitivity may have a positive side effect: your hair-trigger immune system could be better at fighting off… » 7/14/11 2:36pm 7/14/11 2:36pm