This Jean-Claude Van Damme/My Little Pony Team Up Is Pure Magic 

Screw friendship. Sure, it may be magic in the My Little Pony cartoon, but it can't possibly compare to the majesty and insanity of watching Jean-Claude Van Damme pay a visit to Equestria in this incredible mash-up. Seriously, stop everything you are doing and watch it — you will not be disappointed. » 3/03/15 2:00pm 3/03/15 2:00pm

​12 Strange And Disturbing Facts About The Original My Little Pony

Some people are weirded out by the immense popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. But other than the terrifying Equestria Girls, FiM has nothing on the original My Little Pony cartoon. Here are a dozen weird bits of trivia about the classic show and the toys that may blow your pony minds. » 11/06/14 10:45am 11/06/14 10:45am

Can You Possibly Be Ready For My Little Pony: The Movie?!

It doesn't matter whether you are or not, because it's coming in 2017. The film will be made and released by Hasbro's new Allspark Pictures label, which is also doing the live-action Jem and the Holograms movie. Hmm... can anyone say "Hasbro Cinematic Universe"? (I kid, I kid.) » 10/20/14 7:36am 10/20/14 7:36am

I Was the Weirdest Person at BronyCon 2014

"Brony" is the nickname given to the adult (mostly male) fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Their community—which is large, voracious and one of the most widely-ridiculed fan collectives this side of Equestria—gathers annually in a convention center to celebrate their enthusiasm for friendship, tolerance and » 9/02/14 3:45pm 9/02/14 3:45pm

Sexy My Little Pony Transformer Body-Paint Cosplay Cannot Be Unseen

My thoughts upon seeing this picture, in order: 1) AAAAAAAAA THOSE EYES. 2) It's actually extremely well done. 3) What does it transform into? A regular pony, I guess? 4) AAAAAAA THAT MOUTH IT'S GOING TO DEVOUR MY SOUL. 5) No one better goddamn show this to Michael Bay. » 6/02/14 10:48am 6/02/14 10:48am

Popular New Baby Names Of 2013: Vanellope, Kaptain, Tuf, And Kyndle

The Social Security Administration just released its 2013 list of baby names in the United States. And once again, Game of Thrones rules. There were 1135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013. And 15 Theons and five Robbs. But some new names also came on the scene. » 5/15/14 3:55pm 5/15/14 3:55pm

Hawkeye and Hulk fight for their lives in the Mojoverse

Saturday Morning Cartoons is back this week, bringing you a Mojo-rrific episode of Avengers Assemble, a baby shower from an episode of Archer that aired earlier in the week, and the season finale of Defenders of Berk. » 3/08/14 7:00am 3/08/14 7:00am

Donatello debuts a refurbished Robo-Turtle on TMNT

This week in the world of cartoons, we bring you a hard hitting look at the realities of video game addition on Steven Universe, TMNT features the return of an old Ninja Turtles "frenemy", and we catch a belated, but much awaited, episode of Hulk. » 2/22/14 7:00am 2/22/14 7:00am

The Miami Heat's Chris Bosh steps in for Idris Elba on Hulk

It's a strange week for cartoons - a two-time NBA champ takes the place of a fan favorite actor on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the pizza topping of their dreams (a giant psychedelic mushroom), and if you close your eyes for long enough during certain scenes of Robocop, you… » 2/15/14 7:00am 2/15/14 7:00am

Regardless of your plans, the Hulk will have a worse weekend than you

Need a visual prompt for all the two-headed Hulk fan fiction you're addicted to? Thanks to this week's episode of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., you now have a good one. » 2/08/14 7:00am 2/08/14 7:00am

​The time Batman fought evil with the power of racism

Batman's had a pretty spectacular career, but even the Caped Crusader has a few moments he'd like to forget. Chief among them would probably be his first live-action excursion, a serial released in 1943 that featured Bats squaring off against a mad Japanese scientist/horrible stereotype. So if you want to check out… » 2/03/14 2:40pm 2/03/14 2:40pm

Casey Jones looks AMAZING on the new TMNT

The Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles, hot on the heels of some sneaked pics of their next live-action incarnation, return from their winter hiatus this week, and they bring a friend - Casey Jones. » 2/01/14 7:00am 2/01/14 7:00am

This is what Weird al Yankovic looks like as a My Little Pony

In a word, weird. But this is no fan art — Yankovic will guest-star on this week's episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, as a pony named, and I am not making this up, "Cheese Sandwich." » 1/28/14 12:24pm 1/28/14 12:24pm

The Triumphant Return of the Powerpuff Girls!

The Powerpuff Girls are back! The trio returns for a special this week, Steven Universe jumps into bizarre world of professional wrestling, and we take a look at Rick and Morty, a 'toon from the mind of Dan Harman. » 1/25/14 7:00am 1/25/14 7:00am

Good 'ol fashioned fisticuffs on the return of Archer

This week we get some of your favorite cartoons back! Adventure Time returns with a splash, giving us all invitations to the Apple Wedding, while we get front row seats to the FBI raid of ISIS on Archer. » 1/18/14 7:00am 1/18/14 7:00am

These sculptures reveal the muscles, bones, and organs inside toys

The internal spaces of toys are made up of cotton, plastic, and air. But these amazing sculptures reveal an entire re-imagined internal anatomy for our favorite toys — ranging from Lego man, to My Little Pony, to Barbie — complete with bones, detailed musculature, and internal organs. » 1/14/14 12:49pm 1/14/14 12:49pm

Are your favorite My Little Pony characters related?

We are in the post-month-and-a-half-of-holidays slump in North America, leaving a number of shows on hiatus, but we have a couple of new ones to bring you. Teen Titans Go! joins Space Dandy and My Little Pony from last week, plus we take a look Rock 'n' Wrestling, a cartoon that defies reason. » 1/11/14 7:00am 1/11/14 7:00am

This Week's TV: Two brand new scifi shows, including one you must watch

After a few quieter weeks in TV land, we have two scifi premieres airing this week. Check out the goods on Helix, the Arctic outbreak thriller that promises to be one of this year's most exciting shows. And take a peek at Josh Holloway's return to television as a government agent who can communicate with computers in … » 1/06/14 9:00am 1/06/14 9:00am

Space Dandy, lovechild of Cowboy Bebop & Boba Fett, debuts on Toonami

We are in the post-month-and-a-half-of-holidays slump in North America, leaving a number of shows on hiatus, but we have a couple of new ones to bring you. Space Dandy, a new anime with a superstar pedigree, starts this weekend, while My Little Pony takes a trip to NYC. » 1/04/14 7:00am 1/04/14 7:00am

With My Little Cthulhu Pony, Friendship is Madness

Dear Princess Cosmicism, today I learned a very important lesson about the fiendish nature of friendship. It drives the hordes to madness with an adorable gnashing of teeth and clashing of pastel hooves. » 1/02/14 11:00am 1/02/14 11:00am