Futurama takes us to Intergalactic Comic Con! And learn how Star Trek…

A new Futurama clip, set at Intergalactic Comic Con, takes geek in-jokes to a whole new level. The next Star Trek will go way darker. Plus Ghost Rider 2, Doctor Who, Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, The Event, V, Supernatural and Chuck. » 8/25/10 6:00am 8/25/10 6:00am

Who can save us from summer blahs? The Greatest American Hero!

So almost all your favorite TV shows are on hiatus now. But don't panic! There's still new Futurama, plus a Greatest American Hero marathon. But more importantly, some of the strangest programming of the year airs during these summer doldrums. » 6/28/10 9:00am 6/28/10 9:00am

His Name Is Bruce, Not Saw IX

After years of playing zombie-killers, retired hitmen and even the King himself, Bruce Campbell's latest movie offered him the chance to play something a little bit closer to home: himself. But, as you might expect, that doesn't mean that My Name Is Bruce will be a quiet look at the previously unseen sensitive side of… » 11/29/08 6:00am 11/29/08 6:00am

Luke Skywalker Owns The Classic Releases Of This Week's Comics

Do you happen to have a fetish for Luke Skywalker? Or perhaps your name is Mark Hamill? (Not that that means that you don't » 9/23/08 9:00am 9/23/08 9:00am have a fetish for Luke Skywalker, let's be honest.) Then this is definitely your lucky week in terms of comics haul. For the rest of us, it's all Savage Worlds, reissues of classic works, and…