Was This Mysterious "Yellow Rain" a Chemical Weapon or Bee Poop?

In 1981, the United States didn't have the best political reputation vis-à-vis Vietnam. So when the US Secretary of State made allegations that the USSR had sprayed both Vietnam and Laos with chemical weapons, the world went crazy. Then the world got confused. » 3/11/15 6:20am 3/11/15 6:20am

9 Historical Mysteries Solved By Astronomy

History is filled with mysteries that can be answered by the position of the moon, the nature of the tides, and the time of year when an event occurred. Here are mysteries of battles, art, and literature, that were solved thanks to astronomical detectives. » 3/10/15 10:13am 3/10/15 10:13am

Was Michael Rockefeller Killed By Cannibals?

Michael Rockefeller was the son of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and an aspiring ethnographer. In 1961, he disappeared while researching the people of what was then New Guinea in what has become one of history's most intriguing unsolved crimes. Now, a documentary offers evidence that he was killed by cannibals. » 12/23/14 4:50pm 12/23/14 4:50pm

Why Are 100-year-old Blocks Washing Up on European Beaches?

Things that typically emerge from the ocean: cigarette butts, clumps of seaweed, maybe a piece of sea glass. But Cornwall, England resident Tracey Williams' beach strolls took a turn for the weird when she found a plank made from a gutta percha, a rubber-like substance. The word "Tjipetir" was carved into it. » 12/04/14 10:30am 12/04/14 10:30am

The 10 Greatest Bermuda Triangle Moments in Pop Culture History

We may never know the truth about the dark forces (or scientific facts) that lurk beyond the Bermuda Triangle, that strange airplane-eating zone of weirdness. But at least pop culture has given us some possible answers. Here are 10 occasions when pop culture ventured into the Bermuda Triangle. » 11/19/14 10:17am 11/19/14 10:17am

What In The Hell Caused This Enormous Flash Over Russia?

An ominous dash-cam video has captured an extraordinarily bright orange flash in Russia's Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. Though the event was witnessed by many onlookers, there's still no explanation for what appears to be a rather massive blast. » 11/19/14 7:20am 11/19/14 7:20am

Almost A Year Later, Pokémon X & Y's Ghost Girl Is Still A Mystery

Pokémon X & Y are rather happy-go-lucky games—that is, with the exception of a mysterious ghost girl that managed to freak players out last November. You'd think that by now, almost a year after her discovery, we'd know what her deal is...but no. She's still somewhat of an enigma. » 10/15/14 4:53pm 10/15/14 4:53pm

The Three By Sarah Lotz Could Be This Summer's Most Engrossing Thriller

I'll be very interested to see if airport bookstores stock Sarah Lotz's new novel, The Three. It's a creepy, engrossing look at the stories we come up with in the face of disaster, involving four airplane crashes on a single day. » 6/25/14 4:19pm 6/25/14 4:19pm

The Enduring Mystery of Why Your Shower Curtain Attacks You

Jump in the shower, turn on the water, put your head under the spray and there's something touching your legs! For the unlucky characters in Psycho, that thing is a murderer — but for most of us it's just the shower curtain. Why does it do that?! » 6/03/14 8:40am 6/03/14 8:40am

The enduring mystery of Hitler's monkeys

Despite the best efforts of the British intelligence service at the time, and historians today, a mysterious detail of World War II history remains unsolved. What happened to a group of monkeys imported into Germany? » 10/03/13 7:20am 10/03/13 7:20am

An Egyptian reptile alien lives on the back of Barack Obama's skull

Did you know that some genus of extraterrestrial reptilian lives on the back of the POTUS' skull. It's true! Like the spawn of some fantastical Stargate/Harry Potter/Super Mario Brothers: The Movie slash fiction, Barack Obama's cranium has become the host to a reptile invader from Dimension Haircut. We wouldn't have… » 2/20/12 10:25am 2/20/12 10:25am

The Secret Satanic Conspiracy Behind Madonna's Halftime Show

Sure, M.I.A.'s waggling middle finger caused a grand mal kerfuffle among the 37 Super Bowl viewers who were still sober enough to notice it. But far more insidious symbolism was at play during the 2012 halftime show. We are referring to, of course, the subliminal Satanic-Illuminati-Freemason messages that permeated… » 2/08/12 7:20am 2/08/12 7:20am

Strange sonic rumble perplexes Costa Rica

Early Monday morning, an unknown hum reverberated across Costa Rica, leaving citizens and experts throughly confused. According to OVSICORI, the Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization, there was no tectonic activity at the time. What were some other suspects for this brontide, or aural cryptid?… » 1/12/12 12:15pm 1/12/12 12:15pm

The most beautiful literary mystery in Edinburgh

Over the past year, Edinburgh, Scotland has witnessed the unfolding of a lovely and enigmatic homage to the written word. In libraries, theaters, and literary community centers, people began finding gorgeous, anonymously-created book sculptures. Each of these detailed artworks depicts a scene inspired by the books… » 12/07/11 11:00am 12/07/11 11:00am

Words of Wisdom from Walter Mosley: If publishers tell me which genre…

Good news! Walter Mosley, best known for his Easy Rawlins novels, will be publishing more science fiction next year — he has a series of SF novellas coming from Tor, whom he describes as "THE science fiction publisher." They'll be packaged as one or more flipbooks. » 12/07/11 8:17am 12/07/11 8:17am

10 Cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Some people say that spontaneous human combustion is just a regular fire that people can't be bothered to find the cause for, that could have been avoided through basic fire safety. Others say that it's just a peculiar shift of our internal chemistry, that can happen to anyone at any time. » 11/04/11 10:08am 11/04/11 10:08am

Why are severed human feet washing up on the beaches of the Pacific…

The Salish Sea has been depositing some gruesome things on the shores of Washington and British Columbia. Single feet (and a few pairs) keep washing up on these cold, rainy beaches. Find out how many incidents there have been over the past five years, why it's always feet, and why they wash up on this particular… » 10/05/11 8:27am 10/05/11 8:27am

What dreadful horror could compel Sherlock Holmes to seek the aid of…

While you're waiting raptly for the second installment of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films and the second season of Steven Moffat's Holmes TV show, you can fill your Holmes cravings with a new novel — in which Holmes teams up with Aleister Crowley. » 9/19/11 11:30am 9/19/11 11:30am

The mysterious disappearance (or not) of the physicist who discovered…

In 1938, Ettore Majorana boarded a ship to Naples, and never got off at the other end. Since then people have been debating what happened to the physicist, and whether or not he had a larger part in the history of physics than he's given credit for. » 9/16/11 11:40am 9/16/11 11:40am

Explorers find bizarre, spaceship-like object at the bottom of the…

Several days ago, we reported that a Swedish team of shipwreck hunters discovered a strange, circular object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that looks sort of like the Millennium Falcon. The group was using sonar to plumb the depths of the waters, hoping to find shipwrecks that might contain treasures they could… » 7/20/11 8:30am 7/20/11 8:30am