When Is It Okay (If Ever) To Fail the Bechdel Test?

Prompted by Charlie Jane Anders' discussion of the test today (as well as some of the reactions I've seen to it) I've given some thought to the Bechdel Test and whether it's ever okay for a story to fail it. There are a number of popular stories which do fail it - Pacific Rim, The Lord of the Rings, the original Star… » 6/05/14 11:22am 6/05/14 11:22am

Every Single Mystique Transformation Scene From Every X-Men Movie

One of the best parts of all the X-Men movies is watching the gorgeous Mystique transform into all sorts of folks. The flicking scale mutation scene NEVER gets old. And now you can see every transformation in one video. » 5/21/14 1:22pm 5/21/14 1:22pm

Fox Wants To Make Mystique, Gambit and Deadpool Spin-Off Movies

Now that Marvel has shown how to make a massive but unified cinematic superhero universe, everybody wants to get in the game. While Sony is ready to churn out Spider-Man movies and spin-offs, Fox is finally ready to do the same with X-Men. First on their wishlist? Solo films for Mystique, Gambit and Deadpool. » 4/10/14 9:00am 4/10/14 9:00am

The best video makeup tutorials to turn you into a gorgeous freak this…

One easy way to save money on a Halloween costume is to try your hand at a little fancy make-up art. It's much cheaper than buying some over-priced store-bought monstrosity. Plus, they're sick as hell. Here are the best of the "how-to" videos that can turn you into the Black Swan, Mystique, and even Jadzia Dax (retro… » 10/25/11 3:30pm 10/25/11 3:30pm

Watch Jennifer Lawrence endure 7 hours of half-naked agony for X-Men:…

Watch as the lovely Jennifer Lawrence is transformed into the scaly blue mutant Mystique, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from X-Men: First Class. » 8/29/11 1:31pm 8/29/11 1:31pm

"Mystique and Me" Schools You In Childcare For Shape-Shifters

What would life be like if now-pregnant Rebecca Romijn was actually her X-Men chracter, Mystique, in real life, and pregnant with Jerry O'Connell's human seed? I smell a sitcom — check out the video. » 12/31/08 10:00am 12/31/08 10:00am