New Beginnings And Pretty Pictures Dominate This Week's Comics

After the cathartic experience of last week's election, the comic industry is obviously looking to move onto new beginnings this week, if the raft of new series is anything to go by. We have supernatural forensic teams, superheroine envy, a beautiful art book and even a comic version of a novel that will make many of… » 11/11/08 9:00am 11/11/08 9:00am

The Eldritch Horrors of Lovecraft-Influenced Scifi

This Halloween, we give thanks to writer H.P. Lovecraft for all the unspeakable horrors he has introduced into our lives. Lovecraft’s stories, especially his nihilist tales of the Great Old Ones, sleeping gods who will someday wake to bring death and terror to mankind, have inspired death metal ballads,… » 10/30/08 8:40am 10/30/08 8:40am