Over a dozen reasons why this Indian superhero makes Batman look like total crap

Batman is normally bandied about as the paragon of all the superheroes — he's resourceful, has the best gadgets, and can make guano rain down upon his foes with but a snap of his fingers. But Batman pales in comparison to the serpentine Indian beefcake Nagraj, who possesses basically every damn superpower out there,… »9/12/12 11:50am9/12/12 11:50am


Remember when Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman teamed up to fight an alien wizard in India?

Here's an artifact from quite the bygone era. Many years ago, someone decided to publish a bootleg comic starring the Indian superhero Nagraj and his three friends, Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman. Together, they had to fight a dwarf mage from outer space and are forced to murder a WWF wrestler with the help of an… »4/18/12 5:05pm4/18/12 5:05pm