Scott Baio Is 21 ... And Telekinetic [NSFW]

The 1980s gave us an entire slate of movies that seemed to exist just to have as much teenage T&A as possible. Porky's made gratuitous shower scenes a must-have, and producers began working in topless scenes left and right. But nobody thought of joining the teensploitation and science fiction genres until Zapped! came… » 4/02/08 3:30pm 4/02/08 3:30pm

How Would A Day-Glo Assassin Get Naked?

Annalee is asking costumed fans roaming the halls of WonderCon one crucial question: How they would strip out of their costumes if they had to get naked really, really fast? She caught up with the dayglo assassins from TIGER PUNCH!, a forthcoming comic book featuring hot girls in eye-blistering gear. Find out how… » 2/22/08 6:55pm 2/22/08 6:55pm

How Would Wolverine Get Naked?

Annalee is visiting with the costumed fans roaming the halls of WonderCon, asking them one crucial question: How they would strip out of their costumes if they had to get naked really, really fast? You know, for various reasons, like if they were on fire, wanted to flash someone, or were starring on an episode of … » 2/22/08 3:20pm 2/22/08 3:20pm

Naked Superheroes For Your New Year (NSFW)

Totally Nerdcore provided a geeky calendar for 2007 that featured naked women playing old school video games, and marked crucial dates like the day HAL 9000 was switched on. Now the 2008 sequel is out, featuring a slew of superpowered nude women. Check out some NSFW images from both calendars after the jump. » 1/22/08 11:00am 1/22/08 11:00am

Axe-Wielding Mutant Monster Loves Nudists

Yeah, you've all heard about how bad movies like Battlefield Earth and Blonde Ambition are, but this one makes both of those look like Citizen Kane. The Monster of Camp Sunshine was one of the nudist exploitation films that came out in the 1960s, and it features bad acting, an incoherent plot, mutant monster, mad (or… » 1/15/08 8:40am 1/15/08 8:40am

Zorine the Queen of the Nudists and Alpha the Mechanical Man

At the height of the Great Depression, the organizers of the 1930 San Diego Exposition thought that a horny robot and a vanguard of big-breasted nudist women might help cheer people up. "Zorine the Queen of the Nudists" and "Alpha the Mechanical Man" were two different exhibits appearing at the event, and history has… » 12/31/07 9:30am 12/31/07 9:30am

Pumping in Zero Gravity With the Best Sci Fi Sex Scenes

Science fiction doesn't just give us the best machines; it also gives the best sex as well. After all, if the future is full of anti-gravity lifts and teleportation, just think how far the porno industry will evolve. Scifi isn't just about human sex either: you can get it on with aliens, clones, and even machines. … » 12/19/07 12:00pm 12/19/07 12:00pm