Want To Create A Matriarchy That Works? Learn From Animals

We tend to think of nature as being both brutal and patriarchal. Animals struggle to survive and mate, and we assume that means that males will dominate. But some non-human species actually have matriarchies, that work out pretty well. Here's what nature can teach us about the secrets of making matriarchy work. »4/07/15 2:37pm4/07/15 2:37pm


Naked mole rats have the worst sperm in the animal kingdom

Often called "sabre tooth sausages," naked mole rats are among the most bizarre members of the rodent realm. They live for 20 years — an enormous amount of time compared to other rodents — and exist entirely within a network of underground tunnels. They are blind, feel no pain on the surface of their skins, can run… »12/05/11 4:00pm12/05/11 4:00pm