9 Animals That Would Make Great Superheroes

Plenty of superheroes and supervillains are animal themed, taking on the grace of a cat or the strength of a spider. But there are animals who are super in their own right, with abilities perfectly suited to saving the day. » 7/14/13 7:30am 7/14/13 7:30am

Naked mole rats' indifference to acid might help relieve human pain

We've long touted the awesomeness of the cancer-free, ultra-long-lived, acid-resistant naked mole rats, and we even suggested that they'll inherit the Earth from us. But while we're still around, let's see if we can't benefit from these remarkable rodents. » 9/23/12 5:00pm 9/23/12 5:00pm

10 Reasons Naked Mole Rats Will Inherit the Earth

Too long have cockroaches been regarded as the heirs to the planet, in the event of a huge cataclysm that drives humans to extinction. Today, we present for your consideration an alternative: the naked mole rat. » 3/01/12 11:06am 3/01/12 11:06am

The naked mole rat can't feel pain from acid burns. Now we know why.

The naked mole rat is quickly becoming one of my favorite mammals ever. The glabrous little buggers live decades longer than most other rodents, never develop cancer, and have mastered the enviable skill of being able to run backwards as quickly as they do forwards. » 12/16/11 12:00pm 12/16/11 12:00pm

Naked mole rats have the worst sperm in the animal kingdom

Often called "sabre tooth sausages," naked mole rats are among the most bizarre members of the rodent realm. They live for 20 years — an enormous amount of time compared to other rodents — and exist entirely within a network of underground tunnels. They are blind, feel no pain on the surface of their skins, can run… » 12/05/11 1:00pm 12/05/11 1:00pm

Why does the naked mole rat live 3 decades longer than other rodents,…

The naked mole-rat lives for thirty years - compared to 1-2 years for other rodents - and we've never found any evidence that it can get cancer. Now we're peeking inside its genome to figure out what makes it special. » 7/05/11 4:00pm 7/05/11 4:00pm

Naked Mole Rats Have Anti-Cancer Superpowers

Naked mole rats might be the most awesomely peculiar mammals in existence; they possess ants' hive mind-like qualities, feel no pain, and are completely immune to cancer. And researchers have finally unlocked the secret to their remarkable cancer-fighting powers. » 10/27/09 1:20pm 10/27/09 1:20pm