Nanotech breakthrough could fight skin cancer via moisturizer

Despite the relative ease that things seem to pierce it, our skin actually does a pretty good job of keeping foreign materials out, especially on the molecular level. In fact, sometimes it does this job too well, making it particularly difficult for scientists to target skinborne ailments. A breakthrough technique… » 7/06/12 7:30am 7/06/12 7:30am

This candle flame is filled with millions of diamonds

It's no mystery that diamonds are, in fact, one of the world's most completely-not-rare "rare" gems, but it seriously feels like they're becoming more and more common every day. Case in point: scientists have discovered that for the price of a candle, you too can be the proud owner of millions upon millions of… » 8/19/11 2:04pm 8/19/11 2:04pm

Nanopaper Can Identify Deadly Bacteria in the Water

Worried about the bacteria in your water? Just dip a test-strip coated with a special mix of nanoparticles into your glass, and watch the result. If the strip changes color, don't drink. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts have devised a way to instantly identify… » 4/04/08 7:40am 4/04/08 7:40am