The Periodic Table Of Storytelling Breaks Story Tropes Into Elements

The periodic table of the elements breaks down the elements that make up our world into their base chemical components. This periodic table of storytelling does the same thing, except for the elements that make up our stories. » 4/21/14 7:00am 4/21/14 7:00am

The Original Robocop Was A Christ Allegory

The original Robocop, released in 1987 and directed by Paul Verhoeven, was not only one of the best science fiction films of the last three decades—"a brilliant comedy operating in the guise of an ultraviolent action movie," as Tom Scocca described it on Gawker—it was also a Christian allegory. At least according to… » 2/16/14 5:08pm 2/16/14 5:08pm

On the importance of storytelling in science

Many of you have probably heard of Story Collider, a traveling show (and weekly podcast) that features compelling stories about science. Each story is unique in its own way. Some are hilarious. Others are gut-wrenching. But they're all stories – and that quality, more than anything, is what makes them so consistently… » 6/12/13 4:40pm 6/12/13 4:40pm

The power of armadillo penises: why more scientists should tell stories

For many scientists, narrative does not come naturally — but it can be a remarkably useful tool. Case in point: armadillo penises. Armadillo penises have the power to change the way people think about scientists and the animals they experiment with; they just need someone to tell their story. » 10/01/12 6:40am 10/01/12 6:40am

Paul Melko: We Will Always Need Heroic Stories

SF Signal asks up-and-coming author Paul Melko (whose The Walls Of The Universe we reviewed here) whether the ways people consume mass media are influencing pop culture. And he says: » 8/31/09 4:00pm 8/31/09 4:00pm