Jumping bananas! The new Middleman graphic novel will rock your world

The Middleman only aired for one season, back in 2008, but it remains one of our most beloved pieces of pop culture. And now, at last the Middleman and Wendy Watson are back in action. Both pairs of them. Creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach has come up with a brand new graphic novel, and here's our spoiler-free preview of… »10/03/13 7:51pm10/03/13 7:51pm


The Cape does what no other TV show has managed in years: Tell a truly original story about terrorism.

It's been the golden chalice of television scriptwriting since 9/11: Find something profound to say about terrorism 'n' stuff. Few shows have managed it, and as the years have gone by, it's gotten harder and harder. But The Cape made it look easy last night, with a spin on bioterror that I'm pretty sure nobody else… »2/15/11 11:30am2/15/11 11:30am

"Bechdel Rule" Should Really Be Called "Ripley Rule," Bechdel Tells io9

Everybody's talking about the "Bechdel Rule" all of a sudden, especially as it relates to science fiction. National Public Radio did a story on it »9/04/08 8:00pm9/04/08 8:00pm the other day. Novelist Charles Stross to see if they passed the test. (Two of them failed.) rigorously applies it to tons of science fiction books, including every…