70 gorgeous Thor 2 stills show off Asgard's new look

Thor: The Dark World may look like it's in the same fantasy Viking realm, but Thor's home world of Asgard has had a few massive upgrades for the sequel. For starters, it no longer looks like a gold jewelry box. Odin's palace is entirely more organic thanks to the work of director Alan Taylor and his crew. We've got… »11/01/13 3:50pm11/01/13 3:50pm


Natalie Portman and Marvel team up to get girls into science careers

Natalie Portman and Marvel are joining together in hopes of inspiring an entire generation of Jane Fosters. The Ultimate Mentor Adventure is a program/contest that wants to connect girls 14 and up to meet, work with and learn from the most successful women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). »10/01/13 5:20pm10/01/13 5:20pm

Wachowskis Teaming Up With Natalie Portman for a Space Epic?

Natalie Portman was supposed to star in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity before she dropped out and was replaced by Sandra Bullock. But now that Portman is coming back from her maternity break, she's reportedly considering starring in another spacey movie — the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending. Or at least, the Wachowskis are… »1/05/12 2:38pm1/05/12 2:38pm