10 Hollywood Designers To Watch Out For

Click to viewScience fiction is all about creating strange and incredible worlds, whether they're the future of Earth or a far-off planet. And the key to the most breathtaking science fictional worlds always starts with the work of production designers and concept artists who create brilliant and freaktastic worlds,… » 6/10/08 5:57pm 6/10/08 5:57pm

Nathan Crowley, Design Superhero

Why he rules: In one of his earliest credited gigs, Crowley was the main set designer for the first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where he helped create the distinctive look of the Promenade, Ops, Quark's bar and other key locations. He also designed the sets for Mystery Men — and the current exhibit of… » 6/10/08 4:30pm 6/10/08 4:30pm