​Stop-Motion Animation Explains How Ancient Romans Built Trajan's Column

Trajan's Column in Rome commemorates Emperor Trajan's victory over Dacian Wars in 155 bas relief scenes. This stop-motion video outlines the current theory on how the towering structure was built. » 3/26/15 3:40pm Thursday 3:40pm

To commemorate 100 years of making maps, National Geographic's Cathy Newman has penned a fascinating summary of the organization's cartographic influence on not just nature journalism, but on history and science itself. To date, NatGeo has produced 438 insert maps, 10 atlases, dozens of globes, and 3,000 maps for the… » 1/28/15 4:00pm 1/28/15 4:00pm

Which Animals Appear Most Frequently on National Geographic Covers?

Nearly a quarter of all National Geographic covers has an animal on it. This infographic shows which of them get featured the most. » 1/02/15 5:30pm 1/02/15 5:30pm

Rare Shark Spotted In Russian High Arctic, Researcher Freaks Out

After staring at a barren seafloor for nearly three hours, National Geographic's Alan Turchik couldn't believe his eyes when a rare deep-sea Greenland shark suddenly drifted across the screen. (Warning: an excessively long stream of bleeped-out expletives to follow) » 12/17/14 6:20am 12/17/14 6:20am

How To Find A Mammoth In 20 Not-So-Simple Steps

Mammoths Unearthed is a National Geographic special on archeologist Dr. Tim King and palaeontologist Trevor Valle hunting for mammoths in melting Siberian permafrost. Despite the oozing drama plaguing modern documentaries, it's an intriguing, surreal, and frustrating look at the reality of fieldwork. » 10/27/14 8:00am 10/27/14 8:00am

Finding Mammoths Takes More Than Just Science

Despite hyperactive editing to infuse drama into the long hours of fieldwork, National Geographic's Mammoths Unearthed is a peek into the conflict of ivory economics and scientific research when hunting for mammoths in northern Siberia. » 10/26/14 5:00pm 10/26/14 5:00pm

Luminous Nature Photographs Will Restore Your Sense of Wonder

These Cat Photos Put The Rest Of The Internet's Cat Photos To Shame

In 2011, photographer Vincent J. Musi had the opportunity to shoot several of Houston Zoo's big cats on behalf of National Geographic. This week, Musi and NatGeo have been featuring select images from the series (some of them previously unpublished) on their respective Instagram pages, and they are positively sublime. » 8/13/14 5:00pm 8/13/14 5:00pm

Otherworldly Images From National Geographic Traveler's Photo Contest

Every year, National Geographic Traveler invites readers to submit photographs of their travel experiences around the globe, but many of our favorite entries from this year's competition look like they could have been photographed on another world entirely. Here are some of our favorites. » 6/11/14 9:10am 6/11/14 9:10am

An Exclusive Clip From NatGeo's All-New Rifftrax Special!

Yes, it's official — Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftax's Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are returning to TV to make fun of some of the National Geopgraphic channel's programming in Total Riff-Off. And we're proud to debut this first-ever clip! » 3/25/14 11:22am 3/25/14 11:22am

MST3K Returns To TV — Kind Of— Thanks To National Geographic?!

Good news! Weird news! This news is both good and weird! Mike Nelson, Kevin Mutphy and Bill Corbett — former stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and now Rifftrax — are making three episodes of a riff-based show for the National Geographic channel! » 3/19/14 1:40pm 3/19/14 1:40pm

National Geographic Bets on Science in Las Vegas

I recently spent two days on location in Las Vegas with certified mad men of science Jason Silva and Tim Shaw of the National Geographic Channel's Brain Games and None of the Above. We were somewhere off US95, on the edge of the desert, when the cognitive illusions began to take hold. » 1/05/14 1:00pm 1/05/14 1:00pm

These are National Geographic's favorite images of the year

After sorting through 7,000 images taken by photographers from over 150 countries, National Geographic has chosen the cream of the crop for it's annual photo contest. As always, the year's best are simply sensational. » 12/20/13 10:40am 12/20/13 10:40am

The most inspiring nature photography of the year

'Tis the season to be sorting through the most stunning images of the year. And as always, National Geographic's yearly contest offers some of the best that nature photography has to offer. Take a look at our favorites. » 11/18/13 12:35pm 11/18/13 12:35pm

Spectacular winning images from Nat Geo's 2013 travel photo contest

The winners of the 2013 National Geographic Traveller's photo contest have been announced — and they're absolute stunners. » 8/02/13 7:40am 8/02/13 7:40am

Watch a baby King Cobra devour another snake

The king cobra's favorite food is other snakes, and this week-old snake makes its first meal of a water snake that isn't much skinnier than it is. It's fascinating to watch it wolf down the long body of its prey. » 7/06/13 9:00am 7/06/13 9:00am

Antarctic timelapse aboard an icebreaker… for science!

The Nathaniel B. Palmer is an icebreaker operated by the US National Science Foundation. Cassandra Brooks, one of the 37 scientists the ship can accomodate for missions of up to 75 days and deep in the Antarctic winter, shot this timelapse video of the ship doing its stuff over a two month period while traveling… » 5/05/13 8:47am 5/05/13 8:47am

These are the wildest places on Earth

In celebration of its 125th anniversary, National Geographic's gone and rounded up photographs of Earth's wildest, smallest, and most historically significant sights and locales. The magazine's assorted collections are, in a word, spellbinding. » 1/21/13 2:40pm 1/21/13 2:40pm