The Conscience and Curse Ridden Return of Stolen Petrified Forest Rocks

In Bad Luck, Hot Rocks: Conscience Letters and Photographs from the Petrified Forest, Ryan Thompson and Phil Orr document everything in the national park's "conscience pile" — the name park employees give the mound of rocks that have been returned by guilty thieves. While some people just felt bad, others became… » 2/06/15 3:00am 2/06/15 3:00am

The Beauty of Yellowstone's Fountain Paint Pots In the Cold

The Fountain Paint Pots in Yellowstone National Park are named for the colorful muds produced by the oxidizing iron in the mud, the natural result of hot springs. In November 2014, a light dusting of snow both revealed the topography of the area and made the steam rising from the ground clear and eerie. » 2/05/15 12:00am 2/05/15 12:00am

Once Again, Yellowstone Is Not Erupting And Killing Us All

Someone, somewhere, decided that Yellowstone was in a period of unusually high geologic activity and facing major road closures and evacuations, and therefore was in danger of imminent eruption. This is all so ridiculously untrue, I hesitate to even use the "debunkery" tag because it's hard to believe it needs… » 8/10/14 3:20pm 8/10/14 3:20pm

A rare event turns the Grand Canyon into Cloud City

Over the weekend, rare atmospheric conditions gave rise to an even rarer scene: The Grand Canyon – that vast, gaping wonder of the natural world – filled to the brim with cold, dense, roiling fog. National Park officials have called the sight a "once in a lifetime" event. Looking at these photos, it's not hard to see… » 12/02/13 12:16pm 12/02/13 12:16pm