The Conscience and Curse Ridden Return of Stolen Petrified Forest Rocks

In Bad Luck, Hot Rocks: Conscience Letters and Photographs from the Petrified Forest, Ryan Thompson and Phil Orr document everything in the national park's "conscience pile" — the name park employees give the mound of rocks that have been returned by guilty thieves. While some people just felt bad, others became… »2/06/15 6:00am2/06/15 6:00am

Once Again, Yellowstone Is Not Erupting And Killing Us All

Someone, somewhere, decided that Yellowstone was in a period of unusually high geologic activity and facing major road closures and evacuations, and therefore was in danger of imminent eruption. This is all so ridiculously untrue, I hesitate to even use the "debunkery" tag because it's hard to believe it needs… »8/10/14 6:20pm8/10/14 6:20pm

A rare event turns the Grand Canyon into Cloud City

Over the weekend, rare atmospheric conditions gave rise to an even rarer scene: The Grand Canyon – that vast, gaping wonder of the natural world – filled to the brim with cold, dense, roiling fog. National Park officials have called the sight a "once in a lifetime" event. Looking at these photos, it's not hard to see… »12/02/13 3:16pm12/02/13 3:16pm