Harsh Environments Foster Beliefs In Powerful And Judgmental Gods

An analysis of 583 cultures shows that challenging environmental conditions, such as floods and famines, lead cultures to adopt beliefs in moralizing, high gods. The research may help explain how and why certain religions emerged, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. » 11/11/14 9:00am 11/11/14 9:00am

Thousands Of FBI Documents About Civil Rights Era Destroyed By Flooding

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of COINTELPRO, a major FBI operation to "expose, disrupt and otherwise neutralize" domestic political organizations deemed a threat to the U.S. It's just been revealed that many crucial questions about that period will remain forever unanswered, due to archival… » 9/16/14 1:48pm 9/16/14 1:48pm

Horrifyingly Powerful Mudslide In Japan Tears Down Trees In An Instant

Typhoon Neoguri slammed through Japan yesterday bringing widespread flooding. A closed circuit camera captured this jaw-dropping footage of a debris flow that levelled trees as if they were matchsticks. » 7/11/14 8:20am 7/11/14 8:20am

In A New China Miéville Tale, Daredevils Climb The Icebergs Over London

A brand new story by The City and the City author China Miéville went up at Tor.com yesterday, and it's a wonderfully weird and panoramic tale of nature gone berserk. When massive icebergs appear over London, nobody knows what to do... but some people want to climb them. » 7/03/14 10:37am 7/03/14 10:37am

These alien-looking ice sculptures formed all on their own

They look like the work of a twisted science artist. Some maniac who spent hours dreaming up nightmare shapes made of ice. But no, these monstrous and lovely ice sculptures were formed by natural processes. Here are some of the most other-worldly ice formations on Earth. » 8/22/13 3:06pm 8/22/13 3:06pm

Breathtaking and Horrifying Images of Nature's Destructive Power

There's nothing more terrible to witness than a huge natural disaster. When the elements turn against us, it's the ultimate reminder that we're not in control over this planet as much as we like to believe. Here are some beautiful, harrowing images of nature's destructive fury. » 8/08/13 3:25pm 8/08/13 3:25pm

Could a Supervillain Actually Create a Volcano?

Creating a volcano out of nothing sounds like a plan concocted by Doctor Doom. But there is at least one way we could try to create a volcano in real life, too. » 2/15/13 3:47pm 2/15/13 3:47pm

How well did NYC's flood analysis predict the reality of Hurricane…

On October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy's storm surge advanced mercilessly on New York City. Subway lines we inundated. City streets turned fluvial. Gawker's server host did its best impression of Niagara Falls. Shit got — as they say — real. » 2/05/13 9:33am 2/05/13 9:33am

10 Things you Probably Didn't Know About Tornadoes

Tornadoes are some of the deadliest, most devastating natural phenomena on Earth — but most of us probably have a lot of misconceptions about them. The actual science of tornados is much stranger, and scarier, than you ever knew. » 6/04/12 10:26am 6/04/12 10:26am

What Is a Derecho? (Hint: It's a Highly Destructive Force of Nature)

You're in the middle of a midwestern field right now. You feel a warm breeze gathering. Then wall of clouds starts heading in your direction. The wind gets stronger. Then a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere. » 7/12/11 3:32pm 7/12/11 3:32pm

Dead lakes, dying seas: human-made natural disasters

This is the Aral Sea, which was once one of the four largest lakes in the world, until the Soviet Union diverted the rivers that fed it. Now full of stranded ships, it's just one of the world's dying lakes. » 8/30/10 3:30pm 8/30/10 3:30pm

The Pakistani flooding as seen from space: an explosion of water

You've probably seen the horrifying pictures of the 20 million victims of Pakistan's unprecedented flooding of the Indus River. But this false-color image from NASA's Terra satellite really drives home the extent of the devastation wrought by rising water levels. » 8/20/10 4:36pm 8/20/10 4:36pm